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Tall Ship sailing is a novel way to enjoy the Canary Islands.

Don’t enjoy just one Canary Islands when you can explore them by sailing from one island to another. The journey is part of the adventure and you carry your home with you!

The Canaries have some common aspects, warm winters, plenty of sunshine and great sailing.

The difference between east and west are very pronounced.

Tall Ship and Mt Tide
Tall Ship and Mt Tide

The Eastern Islands

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the direst of the islands and famous for wind surfing and near desert highlands.

In the Middle is Gran Canaria

In the middle and with one of the twin capitals island of the Canary islands is Gran Canaria.

Western Isles

Tenerife is a fascinating island with forests and great walking. Has the highest mountain in Europe Mt Tide and often with a snow capped peak. Always popular with tourists but it easy to get away from the crowded beach resorts.

Gomera is circular and just one big hill near mountain, all the villages hang of the edges or are squeezed in the valleys.

La Palma is the lush with vegetation and a near great whale and dolphin spotting waters.

El Hierro, the smallest of the islands and where Columbus set off to discover America. America was not lost it had always been there, Columbus was just the first European to have recorded his voyage there and back.

Caldera de taburiente, La Palma

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