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Sheltered Sailing and So Much to Explore

If you enjoy cruising in more sheltered waters, the Baltic offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. There are places with fast tides so you can get some exciting choppy water in very localised spots but mostly this is sailing in flat waters without big swell. The climate on the shores of the Baltic is more continental than maritime so summer temperatures can be hot but spring and autumn will be colder than Britain or Atlantic facing countries.

Logistically speaking, the Baltic is a fantastic destination for sailing holidays. Whether joining for a round trip or an ‘A to B’ voyage, transport links are good, and the options are limitless for extending your break with shoreside excursions or further travel.

Some of the most varied sailing grounds lie in the Southwest, where the Baltic meets the Kattegat at the Danish Straits, and the coasts of Denmark, Sweden and Germany are within a day’s sail of each other.

Summer sailing here is sunny and sedate, with flat seas and literally thousands of islands, skerries and headlands to explore. The melting pot of centuries of trade between the surrounding countries and cultures has made the coastal towns and ports here vibrant and lively. This, combined with a landscape as varied as the languages means no two sailing holidays along these Baltic coasts will ever be the same.

Which Baltic Regions Can I Explore?

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The Baltic Sailing Voyages

Eye of the Wind

The Danish Archipelago & the Flensburg Rum Regatta EYE25/17


Tue 27-05-2025

Eckernforde, Germany


Sat 31-05-2025

Flensburg, Germany

Photo by Marcus Dewanger