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The Baltic for Continental Summers

The further into the Baltic you go in summer, the hotter it gets. The Swedish Archipelago, the Aland Islands and Finland’s lakes and forests beckon the sailing crazy Scandinavians. Summer outdoor living is part of the culture in Sweden, Norway and Finland and it is not because of their tough Viking ancestry. close to a continental climate, it is actually a lot hotter than the rest of Atlantic fringing Europe which has a more maritime climate (wetter!).

Affordable by Boat

Scandinavian food and drink has a reputation for being expensive, but on a sailing ship your accommodation, meals and travel along the coast are all included. All the vessels we currently work with that are sailing to Scandinavian ports are based in countries where alcohol is a lot cheaper, so they may arrive well stocked (depends a bit on custom regulations).

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The Kiel Canal – East or West Transit

Whilst the Kiel Canal (in German: Nord-Ostsee-Kanal,literally ‘North-to-Baltic Sea canal’) is not permitted or possible to sail. It is fascinating to experience the busiest canal in the world. The ship passes under ten high bridges and will experience the endless shipping traffic of container ships, cruise liners, pleasure boats and ferries. Every year, around 40,000 ships pass through the exits of the Kiel Canal . The canal was opened by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1895 – later on, more construction costs were raised by a tax on sparkling wine introduced by the Kaiser.

The journey will take us right through SchleswigHolstein, along green banks and under high railway bridges which almost seem to touch the top of tall ship masts.

North Sea & Wadden Sea Sailing

Once out of the Kiel Canal at Brunsbuttel you are in the outer reaches of the Elbe Estuary. The Southern bank is rural Lower Saxony. The mudflats and sandbars of this huge tidal estuary is designated the Schleswig- Holsteinisches Wattermeer National Park.

Enjoy some sailing on the Wadden Sea with the high red cliffs of Heligoland island just offshore. At the end of your sailing experience your tall ship tucking back into the German North Seashore. 

The Friesland Islands

These enchanting islands stretch from Den Helder in Netherlands all along the north coast of Holland and Germany right to Denmark.