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North Sea

The North Sea is a shallow sea surrounded by Britain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, and Norway.

It’s a bit like an ocean but smaller, not very deep and has considerable activity in it.

There are a lot of routes across the North Sea.
Historically and still today it is a major fishing ground.

Currently it is a huge oil producing region most of which is part of the UK but also Norway and Holland.
It is increasingly the site of many wind farms due to the shallow waters.

10,000 years ago you could have walked across it to Denmark over what is now the Dogger Bank.

North Sea from a tall ship.

North Sea Sailing Voyages

Blue Clipper

Newcastle to Falmouth BC300922


Fri 30-09-2022

Newcastle, England


Fri 07-10-2022

Falmouth, Cornwall

Sailing on Blue Clipper with Classic Sailing in Scotland