Pilot Cutter Review 2024 Final Results and full story

Best Pilot Cutter Review for many years

This year’s Pilot Cutter Review was the best for many years with eleven cutters joining in. It was not without incident and it was a mixture of light and strong winds.

We were very pleased and grateful to have our first major sponsor onboard for 2024, thank you to H Tiddy Estate Agents of St Mawes.


On Tuesday 28th of May Poly Agatha was making passage westward to join the review. Unfortunately her bowsprit was pushed down strongly into the sea by a big wave and decided not to come up again, though Poly Agatha, of course did. Luckily no further damage occurred and they were able to quickly make for harbour.

Amazingly by Friday 31st of May they turned up in time in Fowey to join the passage race from Fowey to St Mawes. They had managed to build a bowsprit out of standard timber purchased from a DIY store, glued and bolted together with the original fittings out on the far end. Not as elegant as the rest of the cutter but a quick  practical solution, well done!

Fowey to St Mawes Passage Race Friday 31st of May 2024

The wind was F6-F7 from the North West and all cutters had a tremendous sail at great speed to St Mawes with only one or two tacks as they beat up to the finish line at the entrance to St Mawes Harbour.

The winner was Marguerite, a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, who always loves a strong wind. Well done to Rob and crew.

Saturday 1st of June, two races from St Mawes into the Carrick Roads.

The morning race started from L K Mitchell, the Falmouth Pilot boat retiring after 46 years. Thanks to Falmouth Harbour Commissioner for this unique race start.

The wind was a light Northerly breeze to begin with but fairly soon reversed when a sea breeze set in. The clouds then built up and the ‘gradient’ wind from the North West reestablished itself. This caused quite a few problems for many of the competitors as some found themselves unexpectedly in favourable or horrible positions as the winds changed.

Overall the lack of wind favoured the lighter cutters.

The Winner of the morning race was Jan Rolan sailing through the fleet.

The afternoon race had a better North Westerly breeze around F4-F5 and the racing was much more exciting. My favourite pilot cutter showed off how perfect she was but as you can guess I’m slightly biassed towards her as Tallulah is Debbie’s my wife’s pilot cutter.

The Winner of the afternoon race was Jan Rolan sailing through the fleet but due to better winds Marguerite had a good performance.

Sunday 2nd of June, one afternoon race from St Mawes into the Carrick Roads.

The race start was delayed in the hope that the wind would improve but though there was some wind to begin with and the winner got around in an hour and 8 minutes the next cutter home was 20 minutes later. The wind died and there was a big danger that the allocated time for the cutters to finish in would leave three or four of them out of time. As luck would have it the wind picked up again from the Northwest and all cutters got to finish in time, just! Eran Mor was the winner this time.


Unfortunately there was an incident after the last mark of the last race when there was a collision between two cutters. No one was hurt but there was potential for a serious injury that was only averted by the quick action of one of the crew. Both cutters went on to finish the race though one of them achieved this minus their bowsprit, quite an achievement in itself. The cutters involved came to an amicable agreement on how to resolve the damage. 

Race Rules

I would just like to emphasise that the races are run under the direction of St Mawes Sailing Club and follow the guidance of the Royal Yachting Association.(RYA). There is a meticulous Risk Assessment and all skippers/owners sign an entry form acknowledging the rules and confirming they have insurance to race. 

Classic Sailing could not run this event without a recognised RYA Sailing Centre and we give great thanks to St Mawes Sailing Club who have provided this service for 18 Pilot Cutter Reviews.

2025 Pilot Cutter Review – dates are provisional until further notice.

25th May to 1st June 25

  • Gathering on Thursday 29th of May 25 in Fowey
  • Passage Race Friday 30th May from Fowey to St Mawes
  • Two races in St Mawes and Falmouth Bay Saturday 31st of May 2025
  • One race in St Mawes and Falmouth Bay Sunday 1st of June 2025
  • Prize giving and FREE Buffet for participants in St Mawes Sailing Club
    1. 18:30 Sunday 1st of June 2025

Sail on in 2025

Sponsors are being arranged for 2025 with the likelihood of more Trophies and greater numbers of Pilot Cutters attending. Sail on!

Pilot Cutter Review 2024 Final Results
Passage Race Fowey to St Mawes Friday 31st of May 2024
Jan Rolan2
Polly Agatha4
Alice Wragg6
Holly Mae8
Eran Mor10
Racing from St Mawes in the Carrick Roads and Falmouth Bay
St Mawes RacesRace 1 Saturday 10amRace 2 Saturday 2:30Race 3 Sunday 1:30pmPointsOrder
Alice Wragg9106259
Eran Mor571133
Holly Mae253102
Jan Rolan11241
Polly Agatha799259
2024 St Mawes Racing Results
Jan Rolan1
Holly Mae2
Eran Mor3
Alice Wragg9
Polly Agatha9
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