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In a world where honesty and integrity reign supreme, Ocean Warrior stands firm in its commitment to transparency. Let’s show you the details of what makes our expeditions both invaluable and costly.

Jim says it clearly.

Purposeful Journeys to Remote Realms:

Joining an expedition with Ocean Warrior isn’t just about traversing from point A to point B; it’s about discovering purpose and exploring some of the Earth’s most secluded regions. Consider a voyage from Plymouth to Reykjavik, priced at £5,900 for an 11-day odyssey. Such expeditions entail remote destinations, specialised equipment, and meticulous planning, factors that inevitably contribute to the overall cost.

Merging Tradition with Science:

Our expeditions aren’t merely about adventure; they’re also about advancing critical scientific research. The three-masted schooner Linden, employed by Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions, seamlessly integrates traditional sailing with state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation. This blend of old-world charm and modern research necessitates substantial investment in both equipment and expertise, thereby elevating the cost.

Unveiling the True Expenses:

Operating these expeditions involves an array of expenses, ranging from crew salaries and vessel maintenance to insurance and port fees. Our charter rate of £5,500 per day, totaling £605,000 annually for a 110-day expedition, underscores the financial magnitude of our endeavours. Additionally, accommodating scientists on board incurs expenses averaging £400-£500 per day, excluding passage costs ranging from £5,900 to £13,800.

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Funding and Financial Transparency:

Our income stems from various sources, including sponsorship, philanthropy, grant-giving bodies, and contributions from citizen scientists and educational organisations. It’s imperative to note that our expeditions operate on a non-profit basis, with any surplus reinvested to further our mission. As a nascent organisation, none of Ocean Warriors team members draw a salary; our sole aim is to cover the substantial costs inherent in our pursuits.

Accessibility and Empowerment:

Despite the costs involved, Ocean Warrior tries to make participation accessible to all who possess the drive and determination. Through avenues such as crowdfunding, participants can raise funds and embark on this transformative journey. While there may be no monetary expense, the qualities of boldness, courage, tenacity, and time are invaluable contributions to our expedition team and to personal growth.
In Conclusion:
While in an ideal world, participation would be cost-free, the reality of our operations dictates otherwise. Yet, with a shared commitment to transparency and empowerment, Ocean Warrior remains dedicated to facilitating meaningful experiences and impactful contributions to scientific exploration.

It may not cost you anything but boldness, courage, tenacity and time but these are all facets that will stand you in very good stead in our expedition team – and make you feel good.

In an ideal world and if I had my way, there would be no cost to anyone taking part. But alas that just isn’t real……..Jim

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