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Is Sailing Safe?

How We Prioritise Your Safety at Sea

Ahoy future sailors and cautious adventurers! The open sea may look like a wide playground, but I know what you’re thinking: “Is it safe?” Let’s dive into how we ensure you can enjoy the salt in the air without a worry in the world.

Experienced Hands
Firstly, know that you’re in good hands. Our ships are crewed by professionals, and the captains are old salts who’ve seen it all. They’re trained to plan ahead taking account of the weather, tides, the ship and the crew. Emergency drills are carried out regularly (you may even get to participate in some! Don’t panic, they’re great fun). You can trust your crew will navigate any situation that arises safely.

Licensed and Inspected Vessels
Every vessel in our fleet is licensed to carry the right number of paying sailors. They are also regularly inspected by their flag state maritime safety authority: in order to retain their commercial licences, very high safety standards have to be maintained. This ensures the ships are as sturdy as a seasoned sailor’s sea legs.

Safety First: The Briefing
Before a single sail is unfurled, everyone on board gets a thorough safety briefing. You’ll learn what happens in the event of an emergency, where all the safety equipment is stored and what it does, and what everyone’s roles are on board.

Fire Safety and Smoking Regulations
Fire hazards are serious business. That’s why we spell out fire precautions right from the get-go. Smoking? Please check the specific vessel terms and conditions, as some ships are smoke-free. Those that permit smoking only allow it on deck.

Equipped for Emergencies
All ships come equipped with the required number of life rafts and essential radio communications gear. In the unlikely event of an emergency, you’ll know what to do because it’s part of the safety briefing.

Health and Confidentiality
We keep meticulous health and safety records for all our customers, and rest assured, this information is locked up tighter than Davy Jones’ treasure chest. Onboard are trained crew to deal with accidents and illnesses. Their knowledge is more than first aid but less than a paramedic. They have been trained to communicate with professionals ashore to give you the best possible aid should it be required.
There are also well established procedures for getting people to shoreside assistance as quickly as possible should the need arise.

Why It Matters
The sea may be unpredictable, but our commitment to your safety isn’t. We know that peace of mind isn’t just a luxury; it’s essential. That’s why we take every measure to ensure you can focus on enjoying the ride, not worrying about what could go wrong.

Don’t just take our word on it, check out this RNLI post to get a basic understanding of what our ships always cover for you.

Next time.

So the next time the question “Is it safe?” sails across your mind, remember this: Your safety is our top priority.

Ready to set sail with confidence?

Give us a shout.

We’re always on deck to chat. Cheers!

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