Announcing New Voyages

Introducing De Tukker – Cargo and crewing.

This is De Tukker’s inaugural season sailing cargo under the ownership of EcoClipper, and you can join them! With engine use kept to an absolute minimum this is seamanship at its purest, as the crew work  to get every last half-knot out of the ship.

The first chunk of their 2023 season is an epic Western European adventure. Memorable experiences in their own right, these trips are also a great alternative to flights if you’re travelling in an environmentally conscious way 

These are cargo voyages, so you can be sure of sailing almost every inch of the way. This also means that there has been plenty of time allowed so the Skipper can make the most of the weather and wind available.

You may find that you spend a couple of days exploring an interesting port en route while waiting for a shift in the wind direction, but this is all part of the adventure!

You’ll be helping the crew load and unload cargo when De Tukker is in port: this is great fun, and satisfying work. It also contributes to keeping the bunk prices low, making these trips some of the best value traditional sailing holidays going.

If all of this wasn’t enough, we’ve got some fantastic offers when you combine multiple legs of this route. These include round trips from the Netherlands and Cornwall…

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De Tukker History

De Tukker was built in 1912 and worked for many years as a coastal trader. In the 1980’s she became a Dutch sail training vessel, well-known for her work with disadvantaged youth until 2012. In 2022 she joined the EcoClipper fleet and will sail cargo and passengers across the North Sea again, as well as other trade routes.

The ship has hull suitable for carrying about 70 cubic meters, or an equivalent of 50-70 tonnes, of cargo. She will also have accommodation for up to 12 paying passengers.

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