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Classic Pilot Cutter to Yourselves? – Mascotte Whole Boat Charter

Whole Boat Bookings – A Rare Opportunity

Classic Sailing specialise in holidays for individuals, couples and occasionally groups. As soon as a voyage has a single booking, we would never ask that customer to move for a potential group booking. Therefore opportunities to bag a beautiful vessel (with a professional crew of skipper & mate/cook)  for your family and friends is generally a fleeting thing when programmes are first launched.

Mascotte is a new boat for us to work with and we launched her 2020 programme yesterday (28th February).

If you want to do something super special with a group of people in Cornwall or Devon, then now is the time to book.

A Classic Pilot Cutter at Affordable Rates.

2020 is Mascotte’s first season with new operators, so these prices are likely to go up in 2021.

  • 2 night voyage for upto 8 persons this summer costs £1400 (or £175 per person if you can find 8 friends*)
  • 3 night voyage for upto 8 persons this summer costs £2100 (or £262.50 per person if you can find 8 friends*)
  • 4 night voyage for upto 8 persons this summer costs £2450 (or £306.25 per person if you can find 8 friends*)
  • 5 night voyage for upto 8 persons this summer costs £3500 (or £437.50 per person if you can find 8 friends*)

Will my Group Fit the Accommodation Types?

*The reason why Mascotte whole boat prices are quite low per person is that she has more flexibility with available berths, if you all know each other and are willing to adapt your group to fit the possible sleeping options. Before you get friends excited about the price individually please speak with us to make sure your group will fit the bed and cabin types.

Mascotte is a big vessel with a huge saloon with mahogany paneling, polished wood table, and two settee berths that she chooses not to use on a normal charter voyage. This has many benefits when sailing with a mixed group of strangers. The main one is that the communal saloon space is free for the guest crew to stay up later without disturbing sleepers, and it is not cluttered with baggage and duvets.  The well upholstered long settee seating on either side of the table are actually two very comfy berths. With a whole boat booking, you can choose to use these if you want to sleep up to a maximum of 8 guests and keep individual costs low.

The size of Mascotte is such that 8 guests and 2 crew are unlikely to feel crowded.

We are very sorry but Mascotte and Anny of Charlestown cannot take children under 12 on board due to their vessel insurance.

Layout of Accommodation

2 persons (couple) – A double bed space in a pilot berth with doors for privacy. There is no floor space and only a little bit of space for belongings. The access is via the main companionway. The pilots would crawl into this large cupboard like space and shut out the outside world with the doors. As professional sailors they would find it quiet and cozy. You can sit up in bed. We recommend storing any big bags in the saloon.

If you don’t want to use this rather unusual double then the remaining options for a max of 7 are:

  • 1 single cabin – with floor space, cupboard, desk.
  • 2 individual settee berths in the saloon
  • 4 bunks in the forward cabin
  • There are two WC – one with a shower.

For safety – please note the mate will need to sleep in either the double pilot berth or the single cabin – you can’t use both. The skipper has the other ‘double cupboard’ cabin.

For more on the accommodation see Mascotte Vessel Page

Tailoring A Voyage to Your Group

Mascotte has a fairly back to back summer programme, so it is not always possible to deviate from the dates and suggested port locations. Her operator is happy to consider small changes but they have to work in terms of logistics and current staffing.

The beauty of a whole boat booking is the skipper can tailor the style of voyage and itinerary to your interests, so if you want more beach time or meals ashore then it is easier to oblige than with voyage of individual bookings.

Mascotte is lightly crewed so the guests can get involved in sailing her. If you are looking for less participation in sailing her than a normal Classic Sailing hands-on holiday then please discuss it with us, as she may require more paid crew. Travel insurance for each sailor is compulsory – which helps protect the group leader against cancellation of anybody due to illness etc

We can hold a group booking reservation for 7 days before a 25% deposit is needed. Terms and conditions for Mascotte are viewable on the footer of every page on our website or on the booking form.

Booking forms will be needed for each guest and certain medical conditions may prevent an application being accepted if the guest (or other guests) could be at risk from the condition

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