Ocean Warrior

Boldly Sailing into Sustainable Research:

Ocean Warrior’s Marine Science Quest

Pioneering Sustainable Research with Citizen Participation

Ocean Warrior, in a remarkable venture with Plymouth’s esteemed marine institutions, is pioneering a net-zero marine science mission. This initiative aims to conduct critical research with a minimal environmental footprint, thereby contributing significantly to global environmental policies and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Central to this effort is the engagement of citizen scientists, who are playing a pivotal role in both sailing and research.

Revolutionising Marine Science with Traditional Sails and Citizen Efforts

At the heart of this initiative lies the innovative use of Linden, a traditionally rigged tall ship, piloted by a combination of professional sailors and citizen scientists. These citizen scientists are not just passengers but active contributors to the research process. This blend of traditional sailing and public participation is redefining marine research, focusing on key areas like polar ocean research and advancements in ocean monitoring technologies.

Harnessing Wind Power: Sustainable Sailing, Environmental Impact

Utilising the power of the wind for navigation is a central strategy of the initiative, significantly reducing the environmental impact of expeditions. The Ocean Warrior approach is further enhanced by the involvement of citizen scientists, who learn and contribute to sustainable sailing practices, making a meaningful impact on minimising the environmental footprint of the research.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Northern Waters with Community Involvement

Recent studies have underscored the critical importance of the waters around Greenland and Iceland. With the involvement of citizen scientists, the initiative will help determine whether the warming Gulf Stream might halt due to freshwater influx from Greenland’s ice cap. The potential cessation of the Gulf Stream could lead to dramatic climatic shifts globally, including severe weather changes in Western Europe and rapid sea-level rises on North America’s east coast.

Collaboration at its Best: Leading Scientists and Citizens Unite

Prominent figures from Plymouth’s marine science community, including Professor Michael Cunliffe, Professor Icarus Allen, and Professor Richard Thompson OBE FRS, are collaborating on this project, emphasising the vital role of responsible ocean research. The involvement of citizen scientists in this collaborative effort underscores the project’s commitment to inclusive and impactful scientific inquiry.

A unique approach

Ocean Warrior’s unique approach, combining traditional sailing with the active participation of citizen scientists, is setting a new benchmark in sustainable marine research. This initiative not only demonstrates how scientific exploration can be environmentally responsible but also highlights the power of community involvement in advancing our understanding of the oceans.

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