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Imagine stepping aboard

As you prepare to step aboard the Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions, you’ll be embarking on more than just a sailing journey; it’s an insightful expedition into the North Atlantic’s intricate ecosystem. You’ll take on the role of a citizen scientist, eagerly contributing to data collection and gaining an understanding of the research’s critical goals.

You’ll experience a deep connection with nature. The vast sea, the ice and open sky will offer you a close connection with the elements. The camaraderie among the crew, all sharing a common purpose, is something that will last long after the expedition has finished. The shared mission is bound to forge strong friendships and experiences you will remember for the rest of your life.

Jim’s Prepared

Jim has been planning this scientific expedition for many years. It’s been trialled and found to be a great success.

Add in the experienced guidance of Jim McNeill, this expedition isn’t just about sailing; it’s a fusion of adventure and scientific discovery. Aboard the Linden, a traditional schooner, you’ll be actively involved in significant climate and ocean research, making your journey both enjoyable and highly rewarding.

Linden’s Preparing.

The fine ship Linden is currently in her regular winter maintenance in Denmark getting all spruced up for the 2024 sailing season.

Praise the Linden

I couldn’t praise the Linden crew highly enough, extremely professional, friendly and encouraged us to be part of the team. I’d sail on that boat with that crew anywhere. The experience was at times spiritual, life affirming. I can’t recommend the experience highly enough

Andy M – Ocean Warrior #Foundation Expedition, 2023

Make your adventure come true!

Are you Prepared?

Nobody should undertake this expedition that hasn’t given it a lot of thought and learnt as much as they reasonably can beforehand.  We understand that individual circumstances will affect this along with the knowledge and skills you already have. This is a big part of what makes it so exciting, learning from each other and seeing your new found knowledge in action all around you. 

Adam’s Recommendation – The Blue Machine

I seriously recommend this book, it’s easy to read with lots of little stories that amuse and educate you on the importance of the Oceans. You’ll quickly discover why the waters around Greenland are so important to the whole global weather patterns, CO2 levels, and deep ocean currents.  

I’m lucky to have been in many of the places mentioned in the book and can see just how significant all the pieces are when you add them together. The teaming fish off the coast of Chile and Peru, the Antarctic Convergence Zone which is partly a result of the deep Atlantic Ocean Current that starts thousands of mile away in the waters between Greenland and Iceland.

If you find the book interesting, just imagine hope much more it will come home to you actually working on aspects of the Ocean in these critical waters.

The Blue Machine

Affordable Access to Ocean Warrior Resolute Expeditions

Our ‘Affordable Access’ approach enables individuals to join the Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions through fundraising, ensuring financial constraints don’t prevent participation.  This initiative very much meets our ethos of trying to make sailing available to all. 

This fundraising approach allows passionate adventurers to fund their journey by rallying, friends, colleagues and their community to support, them in joining an Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expedition. You do have to raise the full expedition fee one way or another but you can do this from a variety of starting points. For instance you could have some funds yourself to lessen the amount you need to fundraise or you could start with zero funds of your own. 

Effective Strategies for Online Fundraising for Personal Participation in Environmental Causes’ is a great Google search term that will throw up lots of ideas for you.

Plus our Selection Weekend offers training on Fundraising.

Fundraising is easier the more passionate you are about the scientific work you will do for conservation and the environment when you are onboard Linden.

In fact the Ocean Warrior project has it all, great objectives and long term goals all wrapped up in stunning imagery and exciting sailing.

Selection Weekend and Zooming in from outside the UK

The selection weekends for UK residents are £250 include training on Fundraising and are located in Devon.

  • February 9-11
  • March 8-10
  • September 6-8
  • October 4-6
  • November 15-17

Living outside the UK? You can enjoy a complimentary, personal Zoom interview with our Expedition Leader, Jim McNeill. This exclusive offer is available to our valued customers residing outside the UK.

If you would like to attend a selection weekend please let me know and we can look at the dates together.

Paying in full

You have the option to pay in full, which means you won’t be required to attend a weekend selection event or participate in a Zoom session with Jim McNeill. However, you might still find it beneficial to attend one of these. (Expedition Payments are in two parts, deposit 25% and balance 3 months before the voyage starts of 75%)

Get ready for the Big Adventure

Read this article Preparing and getting ready for a big adventure.

Life Changing

Joining the Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions is a life-changing journey. It’s not just good for you on a personal level, but it also helps society learn more about and take better care of our environment.

Make your dream come true.

Have a study, ask any questions, prepare to be excited beyond your wildest dreams!

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