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08/02 Educational

Tenacious – Heads you win.

Thank you Anne Thank you to Anne for the following response to some articles and posts from Classic Sailing. I have included Anne’s response

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Lord Nelson and Tenacious

23/01 Educational

Tenacious – Such a sad story

Introduction I, Adam, have sailed on tall ships from the UK, Holland, Portugal and Norway in many parts of the world as a humble

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Sailing Holidays on Tecla with Classic Sailing

29/08 Sunshine Winter Sailing

Sail South Until the Butter Melts

For centuries sailing ships crossing the Atlantic would sail from Europe ‘South until the butter melts’ to a latitude around the Canaries or the

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Europa sails

06/09 Training

How to “Heave To” on a Square Rigger

Square Rig Manoeuvre’s This is a series of FREE tips on manoeuvering  square riggers. Not many of us will reach the lofty heights of

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