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Happy crew member on the bowsprit of Linden, sailing on an expedition to Svalbard with Classic Sailing

Warrior Selection Weekends for #Resolute Expedition 2024 to 2033

Wondering whether you’re suitable for an extreme expedition?

Looking for support with raising sponsorship to fund your place?

Want to meet some of the team, plus other expedition-ers, ask lots of questions and decide on which trip is best for you?

Fancy a weekend of full-on, exciting, exhausting, enlightening and educational activities?

Join a Warrior Selection Weekend (£200 per person) and get FREE access to a 1-Day Expedition Fundraising & Sponsorship course.

Polar explorer Jim McNeill leads an Ocean Warrior planning session. Join the expedition through Classic Sailing

Find out everything you need to know about the Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions over a fun weekend in Devon, followed up with a day’s course on Fundraising & Sponsorship.

These events are run by Ocean Warrior founder Jim McNeill, and we highly recommend attending if you’re interested in joining #Resolute.

Please note that if you will be seeking sponsorship to fund your voyage, attendance on a Warrior Selection Weekend is compulsory. This is to ensure that the expedition is right for you, and that you are fundraising in an ethical way.

Complete the form below to register your interest in attending a Warrior Selection Weekend and we’ll be in touch with the latest date options. Just provide your contact details and select the option ‘I’d like to Attend a Warrior Weekend’.