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Grayhound Eco trading under sail
Grayhound Eco trading under sail


Classic Sailor Magazine – February / March 2018

Grayhound Delivers Under Sail

Grayhound the replica of a three masted revenue cutter from the 18th Century was built by Marcus & Freya Pomeroy Rowdenin Cornwall in 2010-2012, initially to offer charter sailing. But over the last two years have evolved a more ambitious hybrid programme involving cargo deliveries under sail combined with paid for crewing.

Here Freya Pomeroy -Rowden talks about how it all works:

An extract of the interview from a 4 page article.

How did the idea of trading under sail come about ?

When Marcus and I were thinking of the project, ahead of building or restoring a boat, we had the idea of a cargo ship. We had heard of one in the Pacific sailing flour between the islands. But we had to make the business work in Europe and we had agents – Classic Sailing – onboard from the start who were keen to promote us as a charter boat. We knew this would work so we built her as a category 0 sailing passenger ship for ocean sailing.”

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Classic Boat Magazine
Classic Boat Magazine