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The Tall Ship Guide Book is totally Free today!

104 Pages – 60 photos and diagrams – 23 chapters – 17 Types of Tall Ship – All you need to know.

For people, interested to sail on a tall ship, but with no experience, Classic Sailing selected valuable information to prepare yourself for these adventures

Harry Mutter Captain of Dutch Tall Ship Morgenster

The Tall Ship Guide Book explains adventure sailing holidays on tall ships.

Why is the Tall Ship Guide Book so useful?

Learn about Tall Ship Sailing.
Are you thinking about tall ship holidays?
Seeing how adventure sailing holidays work on tall ships.
Identifying vessels at tall ship races.
This tall ship book will answer all you questions.
How to work on tall ships.

Why is it the best

No worries. even on your first voyage this book will help overcome newcomer concerns.
Readers have helped tell us what you want to know.
The diagrams make it easy for you to learn the parts of a ship, mast or sail.
The words we use are easy for you to understand and the nautical jargon falls naturally into place as you progress through the guidebook.
Lots of full-colour photos.
Over 100 pages of practical information

Why it’s special!

Some ships have handbooks that tell you how they want things done.
The Tall Ships Guidebook explains why things have to be done and how to achieve them but points out that different ships may do things in slightly different ways.
This knowledge allows you to be flexible without being upset if it’s not quite what you expected.


Imagine standing in the bows as the wind powers the ship through the sea and beside you dolphins are playing in the bow wave.
You could be ‘the person’ on lookout duty tasked to watch out for wildlife, navigational features and other ships.
We’ll give you top tips on spotting wildlife and making lookout duty one of your favourite duties.

Don’t Worry – its all explained!

What’s the worst thing about a new situation?
Feeling like a newbie and not knowing what to do or what to expect.
No worries,
The Guidebook will give you the knowledge and a special chapter on ‘How to prepare for your first Voyage’ wilt take the worry out of the situation.

Caution, tall ship sailing can change your life!

Many people people have had big career changes as a result of tall ship sailing. As an example a young woman sailed with Debbie and Adam on a tall ship and our small pilot cutter Eve of St Mawes.

At the time she was completing a Music Degree at Edinburgh University. Now she is a Master Mariner and Ice Master, you don’t find higher qualifications than that in the Merchant Navy.

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