Voyage Filters

What did you enjoy the most?
Very difficult to separate out the various events but certainly the fjord voyage was better due to the increased variety of the programme.
What was the worst bit?
A shore-to-ship rib transfer in rough and windy conditions.
Why do you sail?
Freedom, adventure, commonality of purpose.
Summary of the voyage.
Any initial doubts as to the number and experience of the crew were very quickly dispelled and we were impressed with the knowledge and the handling skills of the skipper and the 2 mates. Every opportunity was taken to enhance our enjoyment on both voyages and at every stage we were made to feel relaxed and under no obligation to crew the ship under sometimes testing (but enjoyable) conditions. As an observation, we must congratulate the skipper for her culinary skills under difficult conditions……….the food was perfect for the voyage.

Geoff R 2018

This was a great voyage.  
A great mix of sailing in Scottish waters, some super hikes and an opportunity to see some of the immensely important historical sites in the Orkneys and Sheltands.  
Mooring alongside in the Fair Isles was a great privilege.  
The ocean passage to the Faroes was quiet but as a result we were blessed with clear skies whilst slinking in and out of the islands and some of the best coastal views one could hope to see anywhere.  
The ocean passage to Iceland was a bit of a bimble until we were 60 miles off and then it got exciting.  Thanks to a great skipper and permanent crew we snuggled into a fjord whilst the cruise ship ran aground in Reykjavik harbour.  A good holiday, an adventure and fun.

K Barker, Tecla Ullapool to Reykjavik, May 2018

What was the best bit?
Sailing under the Skye Bridge on a windy, sunny morning. ..
What was the worst bit?
Being seasick on the first day, but I can’t blame the boat or the crew for that – just the stormy weather.
Why do you sail?
I have never sailed before, this was a ‘give it a try’ holiday – it hasn’t put me off doing it again sometime.
Any other comments?
An enjoyable week in less than ideal weather conditions. The crew was competent and friendly, the catering excellent – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a voyage on Tecla.”

Jonathan E. Sailing in Scotland

I would do it again tomorrow. And good value too. The food was excellent. I loved the spicy meatballs and my wife loved the fresh langoustines.


The voyage was a delight.
A competent and engaging professional crew, an interesting voyage with some challenges and some great rewards. Good companions to make the log spin around.


What aspects did you enjoy most? 
The sailing from Faroes isles to Iceland in perfect weather.
What aspects did you enjoy least? 
Cannot answer this question as enjoyed every single moment.  
If you could sum up the trip?
It was my first voyage. I just thought I like being out, I like being active, and I like the sea, so I will have a look at sailing.  After that marvellous experience I will certainly continue.”

Annon feedback form  May 2018

Sailed on Tecla to St Kilda in June – amazing crew (Gijs, Janet, Barbara) and great company.
I loved everything about the trip and strongly recommend to join the Tecla folks.
Most enjoyable classic sailing with great food, a true sense of teamwork, great guidance and a good sense of humour. Can’t get any better.” 

Cheers, Thomas M.

“Best Experience Ever (5 stars for sailing, crew and food) ” 

David on TC28/04/14

I sailed aboard Tecla from Oban to the Scillies in very early May. It was cold, wet and mostly pretty windy. It was thoroughly excellent.
 The Tecla is a great little ship, but it was the skipper and crew (paid and “trainees”) that made it for me. Great job, thanks guys. I plan to come again.

Steve W

Double first
I‘d never been sailing in Iceland or on Tecla so this was a double first for me.
What I like about remote places is that the people you meet are welcoming and pleased to see you. They seem to be secure in their communities and proud of where they live.
Was it cold in Iceland, Yes and No, on arrival, there was no need for more than 2 layers on top and trousers. But later when sailing and the wind picked up from the north it did require 5 top layers and trousers with thermal leggings beneath. BUT we were less than 30 miles from the Arctic Circle! 
Long Days
This far north the summer days are so long you can go for a good hike after supper!
Overall I really enjoyed the voyage and the wildlife.

Adam Purser June 2018