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Provident Morag crew smile steer

I have been back 2 days and haven’t stopped thinking about the holiday. Provi is lovely and the crew were amazing. Steve and Morag obviously love their boat, Jamie the mate was very helpful and Guilio’s cooking was fantastic. Outstanding moments include the pod of dolphins playing alongside, and the sail from Arklow to Dublin. Force 5-6 and a smooth sea made for an exciting experience. I can’t wait to go again but I need to save up….

Can’t think what I’d improve to be honest, except maybe to point out to potential customers that Provi is run in an eco friendly manner and the food was more veggie based than a committed carnivore would like. Didn’t worry us at all as it was so tasty, but it might worry some people. 

Sharon May 24

Fantastic trip. Crew were so keen to help and teach. They clearly loved sailing. Food was outstanding. Restaurant standard. Learnt so much. Had so much fun. Fellow passengers were so friendly. The Highlands and islands were stunning. Would highly recommend.

Tracy Summer 2023

Although we didn’t manage to get to the hoped for destination (St. Kilda) we fully understood before we got on board that the weather would dictate the direction of travel. The crew were amazing and Morag’s cooking is outstanding. A lovely old sailing boat and would highly recommend it to others.

Virginia Summer 2023
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