Voyage Filters


Meeting a wonderful professional crew. The boat was beautiful and the care taken to make the trip engaging, fun and exciting was brilliant. The catering was top notch and the dining arrangements ideal to chat, laugh and become friends with all on board.


The crew of the Johanna Lucretia could not have been better. High professional standards combined with a friendly welcoming approach. Who could ask for more? – By Susan L. Guest Crew 2019

Johanna Lucretia under sail by Susan Lazer
Johanna Lucretia under sail by Susan Lazer

 There was no ‘best bit’ – it was all marvellous! Loved the sailing, the food, the company, the time ashore – and we had really lovely weather, which helped!

The enthusiasm of the crew, both for the Johanna Lucretia and for the work of the Island Trust, was infectious. The fact that they clearly enjoyed sailing and teaching others how to sail made all the difference for us ‘first timers’.


“Totally excellent. I can not praise the crew enough, rarely do you find four individuals so well suited to their occupation. What ever was happening they were more than willing to show and explain what was happening and what to do. I learnt a lot. The food was always brilliant even under some quite rough conditions. 
It would be good if it could be arranged so as we could climb aloft to enhance the experience even further.
I will certainly be back for another voyage!” – Isles of Scilly Trip on Johanna Lucretia