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07/12 Announcing New Voyages

September Sailing – Northern lights, Sail-Camp & Boat building careers

September Sailing – Star gazing & Northern lights If you want to see stars or the Northern lights you need the dark. In September

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Sabbatical - Setting Sail into a Rejuvenated Future

11/12 Careers

Sailing Sabbatical Advice – Set sail for a Rejuvenated Future

Sailing Sabbatical Advice

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08/12 Boat building

Can I become a boat builder in 40 weeks?

Yes and No. Yes, because you WILL build a boat in 40 weeks, several in fact. And if you graduate and pass your exams

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Career sailor on tall ships like Oosterschelde

Career Sailor – Work on tall ships & traditional boats

Career Sailor ? The co-founders of Classic Sailing, Adam and Debbie both had other careers before they made the sea a way of life. 

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