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Fri 08-09-2023, 16:00London Tue 12-09-2023, 10:00Harwich Trinovante 4 NightsTR080923

Sail the Thames Estuary with the Knowledgeable Crew as your Guides…

The Roman name for the tribes in Eastern England just north of the Thames was the Trinovantians, hence the ships name of Trinovante. This voyage in her home waters is far more interesting than you would expect. Su and John have extensive knowledge and experience of their home waters. They can tell you about the maritime history. As you travel down the Thames you are exploring over 2000 years of seafaring history. see how commerce had moved further and further away from the heart of the city. Pass through the Thames Barrier and into the lower reaches of the Thames Estuary. It may look busy but Su and John know some remarkable quiet spots. You will not be disappointed.

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Ideal for ….

  • Marine History from the Tower of London Seaward
  • Day sailing and stopping over night
  • Exploring the Thames Estuary
  • Sailing up the ages as you go down the Thames
  • Learning the ropes in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere


Vessel type / Rig 3 Masted Gaff Rigged Schooner
Guest Berths 8
Beam 4.4m 14ft 6ins
Draft 2.1m
Deck Length 21m 70ft
Overall Length 23.9m 80ft
Year Built 1994
More about the Vessel

Voyage Description

Tower Bridge to the historic port of Harwich

Trinovante with Classic Sailing
Trinovante with Classic Sailing

4 nights of fascinating and varied sailing, from the heart of London to the expanses of the Thames Estuary…

Joining at Tower Bridge

Don’t be late! Trinovante will be leaving as soon as the crew are all on board for an evening sail down the Thames to anchor (most likely off Southend Pier). There’s a huge amount to see as the city centre disappears behind you, passing Canary Wharf, the O2 and the impressive Thames Barrier. Slowly the scenery changes to industrial hinterland and then the wide open spaces of Thames Estuary saltings take over. The call of the wading birds replaces the busy hum of human activity.

Exploring the Estuary

An early start the following day Trinovante will set sail, skimming the Maplin sand banks to head up the West Swin channel. There are some options for the second night aboard, most likely is an anchorage in the atmospheric Blackwater of Colne.

On the final day there’s some beautiful exploration sailing, past the sandy beaches of Frinton and Walton, before arriving in the historic sea port of Harwich.

The Thames Estuary is Trinovante’s ‘home’ territory, where she was built, and we think a great place to sail.

Steeped in sailing history and tradition it’s one of the last places in the UK where you will see traditionally rigged boats as a matter of course. Fishing smacks and Thames barges sail and race here throughout the season.

In the quiet river anchorages, you will hear the distinctive call of oystercatchers and other wading birds feeding on the mudflats as the tide ebbs and flows.


Start & End Port


London and the Thames

Joining is often near the Waterfront Leisure Centre. Your ship will give you clear instructions.

For Joining Morgenster, use the ship’s tracker to help you meet the ship on the day: Where is Morgenster Now?

For Joining Oosterschelde, use the ship’s tracker to help you meet the ship on the day: Where is Oosterschelde Now?

For Joining Lord Nelson or Tenacious, Canary Wharf is the likely joining location. The ship’s office will contact you directly with exact joining notes once they are known.


For Trinovante

She often berths on the Downriver side of the Tower Bridge.


Kit List

Equipment Trinovante Provides

Foul Weather Waterproofs

Life Jackets

Very warm insulated water-proof flotation suits suitable for colder conditions. These will keep you toasty warm on  Offshore Night Watches  and sailing in Norway


  • Sleeping bag
  • Clean pillow case. We provide a pillow.
  • Pair of wellies. Any wellies will do. We might be able to lend you a pair – email us with your size. If you are buying some yacht wellies tend to be a bit lighter
  • Passport This is needed if your sailing holiday starts and/or finishes in a non UK port and we will be in more than one country during the voyage.
    No passport, no sailing holiday.
  • Non slip footwear – any non slip footwear will do, we are not a yacht so there is no need to buy expensive deck shoes.
  • Warm hat and clothing. Layers work best. Thick fleece, thin fleece, shirt, tshirt is a good layer set up. Thermal underwear is a great idea and doesn’t take up much room in your bag.
  • Gloves. Most people don’t bother with gloves, but if you do want to wear some, leather sailing  gloves with no fingers may be best. It can be difficult to handle ropes in full gloves.
  • Towel and toiletries. Most people bring travel towels.
  • Strap to hold your sunglasses/glasses on with. Essential if you wear glasses.
  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and loose clothing to cover up from the sun. Trinovante sails in Northern Europe so you are not going to roast but sometimes it can get surprisingly hot even in Norway.
  • Any medication that you need.
    If you think you may need sea sickness medication Stugeron seems to be the one most people take. The active ingredient is Cinnarzine. We do have Stugeron onboard.
  • Travel insurance for sailing. For some of our holidays this means ‘offshore insurance’.
    We do not require that you have travel insurance for our sailing weekends in the UK.
    SchoonerSail’s  Buying Travel Insurance For Sailing Holidays has more information about travel insurance.
    One specialist sailing holiday insurer is Topsail Insurance. There are lots of other insurers and you do not have to use Topsail Insurance when you sail with us. They may or may not be the most suitable for you.

  • No valid travel insurance when you arrive onboard, no sailing holiday.

Pack everything for your sailing holiday in a squashable bag, not a large suitcase. Remember space onboard is limited.


Fantastic scenery Shetland and Orkney Fair Isle Westray good weather and fair winds. Instructions very clear safety in mind at all times. Food cooked by Sue was wonderful we had crab and fresh fish as a treat. Crew were also very friendly and helpful. Would love another voyage !


I have spent most of my sailing time in modern yachts of various sizes but having the helm of a 3 masted schooner under full sail is an experience like no other.


Thanks for a truly memorable weekend! The sailing experience and tuition were first class: I enjoyed the companionship very much: all that under the leadership of two people talented and thoroughly pleasant in equal measure. It was a privilege. Thank you again. And the megastar was Trinovante – what a ship!


“Food, laughter and space were all in generous supply,
as were the opportunities to learn as much or as little as you chose.
Thanks Su and John the tapestry of life is richer for having sailed with you.”


We have loved it all from being at the helm, hoisting sail, fixing fenders and weighing the anchor.


Just a note of thanks for the fabulous time I had aboard Trinovante across the North Sea. I think it mended something in me I hadn’t realised was broken. Of course the reason it’s so good is the way you make us incompetent crew able to share a part of your life.


The scenery was stunning. We moored or anchored in a series of small harbours and bays keeping our eyes open for wildlife. Sharing a beer on deck as the sun slowly sank over the silent scene will be an enduring memory.

Stuart & Sara

What a great time I had with you and my fellow crew members last weekend.
I really enjoyed being part of a small and friendly group and being hands-on with the sailing manoeuvres.


Thanks for a fantastic week..
It is the skill of a successful host to take a gang of disparate (desperate?) folk and turn them into a group of friends – Well done!
We are thoroughly bitten by the bug and would like to have another go next year

Chris & Alastair

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