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Atlantic Ocean Sailing Holiday from Bermuda to Portland UK.

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Embark Disembark Vessel DurationVoyage No
Sat 01-04-2023, 16:00St Georges, Bermuda Sun 30-04-2023, 10:00Portland, UK Tenacious 29 NightsTNS625

Sail beyond limitations…

Are you looking for an ocean sailing holiday beyond the ordinary this winter?
Sail on three masted tall ship barque Tenacious for a sailing holiday. Enjoy this long deep sea ocean voyage moving from the hot Caribbean to Spring in England. The Azores maybe visited if the Captain and weather permit.
Refresh your vitamins D and Sea.
Recharge your soul.
Relax and chill out for 30 days.

  • Voyage
  • Vessel

Sailing on Tenacious in the Caribbean.

A real ocean passage for experienced sailors and those wishing to build up their sea miles.


  • Potential visit to the Azores
  • Mile building
  • Three masted Barque
  • No experience required
  • All abilities welcome
  • 30 days to enjoy yourself, no worries, no hassles.
  • Bursaries available
How to Prepare for a Long Voyage


Vessel type / Rig Barque
Guest Berths 38-40
Beam 10.6m
Draft 4.58m
Deck Length 54m
Overall Length 65m
Tonnage 586
Year Built 2000 – Carvel hull made of laminated wood.
More about the Vessel

Voyage Description


Tenacious has a keen professional crew to help train you, even if you have never sailed an ocean before. Adventurous beginners who want to try their first ocean passage and experienced ocean sailors who know they will revel in the blue ocean swell, peaceful atmosphere and sunshine as you make your way from Bermuda to Portland UK.

If you’re up for a challenge in 2023, then this one’s for you. 

Our West to East transatlantic trip isn’t for the faint-hearted. A month-long passage, this is more challenging than our regular voyages. It will mean harder sailing at times with longer periods at sea. You’ll be an important part of a very unique team and learn things that only a transatlantic crossing can teach you.

Port calls on long passages are always very weather dependent but perhaps you’ll have the chance to refresh and add 2023 to the dockside paintings famous in the Azores?

Captain Darren says: “Team spirit is palpable on board our voyages, and never more so than on a transatlantic crossing. For one month, a diverse group of people work together, support and encourage each other. and push themselves beyond what they may have thought possible. This is a bucket list trip – what a way to mark 2023…”

People who were once unknown to each other and from different backgrounds very quickly come together to work as a team. The environment offers a fantastic opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and rise to the demands and challenge of ocean sailing holiday in glorious sunshine.

But the rewards? People tell us that sailing with us changes perceptions both of their own ability and of those who they spent the time with, regardless of physical ability. As voyage crew, you will gain new skills and knowledge, and we know you’ll walk away with a huge sense of achievement.

Our voyages really change lives for the better. Let Michael tell you why: #

’It was challenging physically, mentally and socially. I will look back and be thankful for the friendships made and memories created. It has made me a stronger person and will affect every decision I make in the future’’

As with all our voyages, this experience is for a mixed ability crew.

Why do need people of all abilities? Our voyages operate a buddy system where two people are paired together, one able-bodied and one physically-disabled. They share the voyage and help one another along the way, often resulting in special bonds that leave a positive and lasting impression. We need to make sure we have the right balance between disabled people and able-bodied on every trip.



  • Soak up the ocean sun.
  • Create a spectacle as you sail into harbour with the confidence of salty sea dog.
  • hassle free ocean sailing
  • Study the Wildlife as you cross the ocean.
  • Tropical nights – timeless in warm breeze/watch keeping
Sailing holidays on Tenacious with Classic Sailing
Sail on Tenacious with Classic Sailing



If you want to escape the world and get into the relaxed rhythm of sailing a square rigger then this is a great voyage to chill. If you need more action it is always there, from the responsibility of standing a watch or making the ship sail faster to climbing the rigging to fishing for game fish. Enjoy ocean sunsets and getting to know your ship mates from all over the world. 

On a sailing voyage we never use the word itinerary, as skippers will always be aiming for the best sailing and shore landings for the forecast and most idyllic or sheltered anchors and ports. They are as keen as you to include some of the highlights described below, but you have to go with Mother Nature, not fight her. The description below is based on what we think might be possible, based on past trips, or experience, but nothing is guaranteed on a sailing voyage.

This is an ideal voyage for potential career sailors who want to get their face known to the Tenacious crew. Who knows, you might be back as a deckhand one day.

Sailing holidays on Tenacious with Classic Sailing
Sailing holidays on Tenacious with Classic Sailing

With experienced crew to show you the ropes, sails and general crew behaviour on board you will also learn how to spot wildlife, learn how to steer the ship, learn why the sails are set a particular way. Watch the pattern of the waves and understand the swell and how it is affected by the weather hundreds of miles away. Always keep an eye to the sky and try to foretell what the weather is going to do next. 

Once out into the ocean, a relaxing and comfortable routine will be established. Night sailing with absolutely no light pollution allows you to see the stars like you have never seen them before and a sight that you will not forget.  All of the seas moods will be encountered, from glassy calms to white capped swells where flying fish are launched from crest to crest.

A turtle rescue on another tall ship - shows how big they can be
A turtle rescue on another tall ship – shows how big turtles can be


Whether you are an experienced sailor or a complete beginner, the professional crew will train you to be guest crew from the moment you arrive, with the intention that everybody works together to sail the ship. The common thread to all Classic Sailing holidays is ‘Hands on’ participation on ships that use ropes, blocks and tackles and ‘people power’ to set sail.


Don’t worry if you’ve never sailed before – most people step on board with no experience of sailing a tall ship. 

You’ll be part of our Voyage Crew, and be put into one of four teams called Watches. You’ll learn from our Permanent Crew and will take part in all the tasks necessary to operate the Ship, whether that’s setting sail, helming (steering) the Ship, assisting in the Galley or climbing the mast – though that one’s not compulsory!

And you’ll enjoy time off watch every day to take in the scenery, get to know others on board and take part in the activities we have planned. Our beautiful tall ship Tenacious becomes your home for the duration of your voyage – we want you to be comfortable and enjoy the experience of being on board.


Every customer sailing with us will need to fill in basic medical questions on their booking application. If you are not sure if your current level of fitness and agility are up to a voyage, then please ring the Classic Sailing Office on 01326 53 1234 and we can chat through your concerns and possibly find options that might suit you better.

Start & End Port

St Georges, Bermuda

The joining ports in Bermuda are usually either St Georges or Hamilton, once the port is known it will be communicated to you.

Portland, UK

Joining Tenacious in Portland for TNS506A – Photo ID has to be carried at all times at Portland, and if anyone is arriving by car they must give us their car registration number in advance.

Kit List

Tenacious & Lord Nelson Kit List


  • All bedding
  • Heavy duty wet weather gear and boots
  • Harnesses
  • All meals and soft drinks throughout the voyage

What is not included

Travel to and from the start and end port
Alcoholic Beverages
Towels - You will need to bring your own towels (including one for swimming if you plan to swim)

What to bring 

Please keep personal gear to a minimum as there is very limited stowage space.

Clothing - What to wear
It can be noticeably cooler at sea than on land, especially at night. So come prepared. Also, please bring enough clothing for the duration of the voyage as we are not able to do personal washing for you, except on ocean passage voyages.

Shoes - Soft soled shoes – deck shoes or trainers. In warm weather, sandals are fine, but not flip-flops.
Gloves - You will be handling ropes so sailing or other non-slip gloves will be useful.
Fleece/warm sweater, sweat shirts, warm hat
Jeans/Trousers (+a pair for mess duty)
Shorts, T Shirts
Shower proof jacket/sailing jacket
Sun Hat, Sun Screen
Swimming costume

You may want to bring some warmer clothes in early/late season

Thin fleece/light sweater
Shorts, T Shirts, Tops
Sun hat
Thin trousers and long sleeve shirts/blouses (in case of sunburn)
Long trousers plus closed front shoes for mess duty
Swimming costume
High factor sun screen, mosquito repellent
Thin shower proof jacket

On voyages from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, you may require a few
items of warmer clothing at the start.
These voyages are in the spring and autumn so the weather can be cold.

Fleece/warm sweaters
Sweatshirts/light sweaters
Jeans, Trousers (you will need long trousers for mess duty)
Warm hat, scarf, gloves
Long Johns, vests, T shirts
Warm shower proof jacket/sailing jacket

Remember that several thinner layers are warmer than one thick one!

Flip-flops are not considered suitable footwear on board ship, though sandals may be appropriate in hot weather.

• Passport (Even voyages with UK departure and arrival ports usually call into at least one foreign port during a voyage)
• Joining Instructions from Tenacious Ship's Office (please leave a copy with your next of kin)
•Insurance Policy
•Your return air ticket if you are joining or leaving the ship outside the UK. (Antigua will not allow you into the country without an air ticket out or proof of your means of departure. Your joining instructions are your proof.)
Tall Ship Guide and Logbook

• You must bring enough to last the duration of your voyage and your journey. If you are flying to join the ship we suggest you pack your medicines in your hand baggage – but please check current airport security regulations.
• Earplugs/Eye mask,  If you think your sleep might be disturbed by the noise of the generator engine or lights.
• Spectacles/ Sunglasses with a cord to keep them safe.

• Enough for the whole voyage.
• High factor sun cream
• Mosquito repellent.

There are 240v UK sockets for razors and hairdryers

• Sterling – to use in the bar for drinks, crisps, chocolate and to buy souvenirs in the shop (including JST clothing etc.)
• UK Voyages usually call into a European port so you will need Euros
•Canary Island Voyages – Euros
•Caribbean Voyages – US$, East Caribbean $ and Euros (many of the
Caribbean Islands are French)
•For countries outside the EU – local currency
•On leaving the Caribbean you may be charged $50EC departure tax
at the airport.
•On board we only accept Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards although
we would prefer cheques (sterling only)
•We DO NOT accept: debit cards, Solo or Maestro on board

• Valuables – we do not have any lockable spaces on board.
• Suitcases or rigid bags – your personal possessions must be brought in soft bags for ease of stowing.


A bucket list ambition to sail on a square Rigger was met. No problem with me being 72 and some mobility issues.  John

What was the best bit? Experiencing life on a tall ship and what it must have been like for sailors In the past. R. Waters 

The best bit was setting the sails. The voyage had a good mix of sailing and ashore. I sailed because it was part of my Bucket List. The Captain and crew, the food, accommodation and safety briefing were all excellent. Kenneth C.

5 stars - I found a ship (Tenacious) on your site that was sailing from Auckland to the Falklands. I jumped at the chance and now can say with a bit of pride that I have sailed around Cape Horn on a square rigger. WOW and THANKS for your site." Classic Sailing Facebook.  Mike N. 

I was on board the Tenacious with Mates4Mates when it sailed from Brisbane to Sydney. After getting over some seasickness, I had the time of my life. From climbing to the top of the main mast, helping to brace the yards and set the sails, helping stow away the sails, and helping out in the kitchen. It was a mind blowing experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.  William H.

Made me think about my life in a hole new light . I came out of hospital after a double fracture to the skull & a bleed on brain , feeling sorry myself when I was helped other people on the ship , people in wheelchairs & other disabilities I give myself a kick up the arse an thought wake up Vinnie you haven't such a bad injury have you?Thank you JST Clan" Vinnie S J 

I Recently returned to Florida from a three week voyage on Tenacious, sailing from Panama to Costa Rica. Exceeded all my expectations by a long shot. Fun, hard work, and great food. Beautiful and educational adventures ashore, along with wonderful friendships with a diverse crew. I feel totally rejuvenated. Try it!" Ernest R C

I am wheelchair bound and went on the Tenacious on Saturday. It was absolutely fantastic, to learn the ins and outs of a sailing. All the crew were so helpful and accommodating. Would do it again definitely. " Troy W from Melbourne, Australia


Where will your wheels and sails take you
Where will your wheels and sails take you


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