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Explore Brittany and the Channel Islands on Morgenster.

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Sun 16-05-2021, 17:00Port Blanc, Morbihan, France Thu 20-05-2021, 12:00Calais, France Morgenster 4 NightsMR160521

For those looking to explore all the coast of Brittany, heading all the way from the Gulf of Morbihan and around the top of France and onward past the Channel Islands and to Calais. Experience what it is like to sail this well appointed small Tall ship with perfect opportunities for manageable but extended periods of time at sea as you journey the coast of France.

Voyage Description

Explore the brittany coast onboard Morgenster in June 2019
Explore the brittany coast onboard Morgenster


From the beautiful protected water of the Gulf of Morbihan Morgenster will sail along the South Brittany’s coasts towards the rough rocky shores of Western Brittany, passing Ile de Seine, Douarnanez, Camaret and the Rade de Brest. From there head North up toward Ushant (ile de Ouesssant) and the Chanel de Four. This distinctive island set at the South western end of the English Channel, close to the continental shelf is well worth a visit. From rounding the corner of Brittany you head east towards the channel islands. The North Brittany coastline is also known as the “pink granite coast” due to the distinctive colour of the cliffs. Ile Brehat, Ploumanach and Morlaix offer great opportunities to anchor off and enjoy the local hospitality.   

explore the breton coast onboard the tall ship morgenster in june 2019
explore the breton coast onboard the tall ship morgenster

From  the Ile de Brehat you head up towards the Channel Islands which is renowned for their strong tides and distinctive twist of Breton and English culture. There are plenty of beautiful places to explore on the channel island with interesting pilotage to avoid the many rocks. However it really depends on the weather as to how much of them you get to see. 

From the islands you will head east back towards the French coast and beyond the Cherbourg Peninsular to Calais. 

be crew onboard a tall ship in june 2019
be crew onboard a tall ship

On a sailing voyage we never use the word itinerary, as skippers will always be aiming for the best sailing and shore landings for the forecast and most idyllic or sheltered anchors and ports. They are as keen as you to include some of the highlights describe, but it is not guaranteed. 

Isle de Brehat is a bit like a French Isles of Scilly. An amazing rock garden with pink sand beaches, low stone farmhouses, hidden sheltered villages and a distinctive local community. To live on Brehat locals and holiday visitors have to plan their days to fit the tides and weather. The landscape changes drastically between high and low water and you will be amazed how we manage to wiggle into some of the deep pool anchorages when the water disappears!

Granite Rose Coast and the French Rivers

Your skipper and crew are keen to visit the island of Ushant if the tides and weather allow. This windswept sentinel has huge lighthouses, stone walls, shaggy sheep and low granite farmhouses and looks more like a Hebridean island than part of France. Fiercely Breton the local community welcome any seafarers brave enough to anchor in the deep fjord like anchorage of Lampaul.

If the tides are right L’Aberwrach might be worth a voyage. Dominated by the huge Ile de Vierge lighthouse, the approach is very rugged and rocky but the beacons are huge and the entrance channel is wider than it looks! Once beyond the rock plateaux the town and beaches reveal themselves and the landscape is a lot more tranquil. L’Aberwrach is twinned with Helford River in Cornwall as both are idyllic river estuaries with a tradition of oyster farming and many keen local sailors. Every French school child learns to sail, so the inner estuary is dotted with sailing dinghies. After the passage ‘around the corner’ of France it is always nice to swim in the sea, enjoy a refreshing shower and head into town for a glass or two of wine or beer on ‘French soil’ that doesn’t move.

Treburden is a welcoming  destination with its large sheltered marina which fits remarkably well into the landscape of granite crags, pine trees and gorgeous beaches. After a long passage it is always nice to swim in the sea, enjoy a refreshing shower and head into town for a glass or two of wine or beer on ‘French soil’ that doesn’t move after all that rock and roll across the English Channel. If the winds are from more from the South West we may head for the Granite Rose coast of France, sailing deep up a French River like Lezardrieux, Tregieur or into the tiny harbour of Ploumanach. If we sail first to North Brittany Agnes may re-visit favourites like the granite archipelago Isles de Brehat, or the National Bird Reserve of Les Sept Isles.

explore the pink granite coast on Morgenster in June 2019
explore the pink granite coast on Morgenster

The Channel Islands

The Channel Islands combine to offer great cruising grounds with sandy beaches, amongst an abundance of tranquil coves and bays.

The main Islands of Jersey and Guernsey have well established marinas and bustling ports with lots of good shops and excellent restaurants and bars. Some of our favourite places to visit include the peace and solitude of Sark, Herm and Alderney, and lively St Peter Port on Guernsey. The waters around the islands are arguably among the clearest, offering the perfect window on a treasure chest of marine life. Dolphins and Porpoises can often be seen off the coast and the whole area has large populations of seabirds.We regularly visit the islands on voyages to and from the French coast and the mild climate means that the area is a great place to visit at any time of year.


If you get a prevailing South westerly wind this trip offers a great opportunity for some really enjoyable sailing, mainly on the beam or behind you. The western coast of Brittany is very exposed to any weather and you should expect a residual swell to be always apparent. 

hands on sailing experience on Morgenster in June 2019
hands on sailing experience on Morgenster


Whether you are an experienced sailor or a complete beginner, the professional crew will train you to be guest crew from the moment you arrive, with the intention that everybody works together to sail the ship. The common thread to all Classic Sailing holidays is ‘Hands on’ participation on ships that use ropes, blocks and tackles and ‘people power’ to set sail.


We cater for a wide range of ages and physical abilities and how much you are expected to do varies a bit between vessels. See the vessel tab above which explains all about the ‘sailing style’ and what to expect in terms of hands on participation. There is a lot of information about day to day life, the ships facilities and accommodation on the vessel pages.


Every customer sailing with us will need to fill in basic medical questions on their booking application. If you are not sure if your current level of fitness and agility are up to a voyage, then please ring the Classic Sailing Office on 01872 58 00 22 and we can chat through your concerns and possibly find options that might suit you better.

Start & End Port

Port Blanc, Morbihan, France

Calais, France

The exact location in Calais will be confirmed closer to the time, make sure you have the ship’s number found in your confirmation in case of any problems on the day.

For Joining Morgenster, use the ship’s tracker to help you meet the ship on the day: Where is Morgenster Now?

Kit List


  • Sailing Instruction
  • All meals to include refreshments throughout the day
  • Duvet, pillow and sheets
  • Hand towels

What is not Included

  • Waterproof jackets and trousers
  • Alcoholic drinks but there is a bar on board

What to Bring

Suitcases take up a lot of room in a cabin, so it is better to uses soft bags in a ship. A small rucksack for going ashore is useful.

  • Morgenster does not supply waterproof jackets and salopette type trousers. Please bring your own waterproof clothing.
  • A mix of warm and wind proof clothing.
  • Lots of thin layers is better than one thick layer in cold destinations.
  • In tropical countries - long sleeves and long trousers to protect you from the sun 
  • Footwear on board needs a good grip and soft soles- the decks are wood or steel.
  • Ashore stout, waterproof walking boots are best if you are in remote places.
  • Morgenster has European 2 pin sockets 240 V
  • Cameras, chargers and video recorders
  • Binoculars are handy for bird watching etc.
  • Suntan lotion, hats, sunglasses
  • Dont forget any regular medication, persciption glasses and spare
  • Euros for bar bill
  • Passport, travel insurance, tickets etc
  •  To get ashore is usually by dinghy so be prepared to get wet feet. Rubber boots or quick drying sandals - depending on the location.


Online Reviews


I loved it.

I loved everything about my week. The crew were fantastic, the ship was beautiful, the singing on the deck was great fun, the dolphins were around a lot. It was brilliant!

Least enjoy - Nothing.

Why do I Sail?

I love the ocean and have always loved boats. For this particular voyage I was also researching a children's book involving mermaids and pirates!

Liz K sailed in 2017


What was the best bit?

Climbing in the rigging, unfurling the sails on the yardarm. 
The cameraderie between the paid and guest crew was second to none. A fantastic atmosphere. Singing in the evenings on deck accompanied by guitar and trumpet. New Year on St Lucia, we celebrated the New Year 3 times (once for Dutch/European time, once for GMT and once for Caribbean time).
The sun glinstering off the ocean surface like a thousand shards of broken mirror.......flying fish like small humming birds skimming over the surface of the water, dolphins on New Years day: what a start to 2019!
Too wonderful to describe, a life changing experience, I want to pack in my job and sail the world! (making plans now) - Carol from Caribbean Season 2019. 

Great experience, will definitely be doing it again.  Climbing the rigging was the best bit. 'First time' sailor. John M July 2018

"Thank you for a very nice trip, some hours on Kattegatt this afternoon. Beautiful boat, nice and joyful captain and crew. I loved it! Wish you all a really nice trip during Tall Ships Races. And I would love to join again someday for a longer trip." Camilla A. June 2017

Thank you Harry, Mariann and all your wonderful crew for an amazing week on Morgenster. Great food Will, such patient climbing instruction Michelle, fun birthday outing Evy and lovely guests from 80 to 22 years old. So many highlights but sailing at night with sparkling dolphins at the bow was truly breathtaking!" Sue G.

Just returned from 11 days sailing round Cape Verde. The whole experience was exceptional - friendly, knowledgeable and caring crew; wonderful sailing (the 4am night watch experience was particularly magical!); interesting trips exploring the islands; and great food." Julia G-F

The View from Aloft by Virginia Spencer
The View from Aloft by Virginia Spencer

Thank you Harry, Marian, Joost, Rene, Hessel & Willie for a fantastic week's sailing. I'll be humming sea shanties and saying "o nay!!!" for days! I really hope to sail with you again. Happy New Year" Kerry Mc C.

Had a fantastic trip around Cape Verde, Jan/Feb 2016. Lovely crew, felt like a family. Thanks to you all xxxx. Really special people and a holiday to remember. My penguins X" Louise G

What a fantastic time, thanks to everyone on the Morgenster both crew and passengers hope to see you all again, maybe next year?" George Mc L

Harry, Marian and their crew make your stay on board the Morgenster wonderful!" Aleike K

What was the best bit?

The trip was fabulous. The crew were incredibly supportive and even helped me overcome enough of my fear to get out onto the first yard. I felt that I was included in everything and that my contribution, however small, was appreciated. The food was excellent and there were plenty of drinks and snacks throughout the day. We had gorgeous weather all the way. I really enjoyed it. - Caribbean Season 2019 by Amanda G. 

Vessel Gallery

Tall Ship Morgenster in action and images. Photos from Classic Sailing customers, ships crew and professional photographers. We hope it gives a flavour of her sailing, life on board, the people that come, her beautiful sailing grounds and what it is like to live below decks.

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