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Round trip from the Netherlands to Portugal


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Thu 20-04-2023, 17:00Amsterdam Mon 26-06-2023, 10:00Scheveningen, The Netherlands De Tukker: Sail Cargo 67 NightsDT200423B

Epic adventure, sailing the whole of De Tukker’s Portuguese cargo route.

This is De Tukker’s inaugural season under the ownership of EcoClipper, and the atmosphere on board will be electric! You’ll have 68 days on board, sailing first to Cornwall, and then Southwards across Biscay to Portugal. On your return journey the ship will stop off at the beautiful Breton island of Noirmoutier, Saint Nazaire, sail the whole South Coast of England and travel up the Thames to London. With engine use kept to an absolute minimum this is seamanship at its purest, as you work with the crew to get every last half-knot out of the ship.

There are numerous fascinating stop-off opportunities en route, and the joy of helping to kick off the next chapter in the life of this beautiful ship.

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Voyage Highlights

See Europe on a budget, with adventures aplenty along the way!

68 days on board in great company.

Be part of De Tukker’s first voyage since her major refit.

‘Real’ sailing, with engine use kept to an absolute minimum.

Form part of a diverse, multi-national crew.

Help to transport cargo using the power of the wind!

Even if you can’t come sailing, you can still order your delicious cargo.

Discover the Cargo & Place Your Order!

De Tukker: Sail Cargo

Vessel type / Rig Ketch
Guest Berths 12
Beam 18ft
Draft 8.5ft
Overall Length 131ft
Year Built 1912
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Voyage Description

Full Voyage Description

This is the ultimate sail cargo round trip from the Netherlands. With 68 days on board, you’ll have plenty of time in each port as De Tukker preps for loading and unloading cargo, so this is also a fantastic way to see Europe on a budget. Visit Cornwall, Porto, Noirmoutier, Saint Nazaire, Torquay and London!

We recommend arriving early to give yourself time to explore Amsterdam. This is a beautiful city with heaps of maritime history. Once on board, the captain and crew will greet you with a tour and a briefing covering safety information, the latest weather forecast and the itinerary. There’ll be time to settle in and get to know your fellow sailors.

De Tukker has a keen professional crew to help train you, even if you have never sailed before. This trip is fantastic for adventurous beginners who want to try their first voyage, as well as experienced ocean sailors who know they will revel in this fascinating Channel sailing before tackling Biscay. Depending on conditions, there are lots of potential places to visit on the way. The Channel Island of Alderney is tall ship favourite.

The colourful waterfront of Amsterdam

The Channel is one of the most diversified sea areas with a high level of traffic – a paradise for ship spotters and lovers of the maritime scenery alike. Enjoy the ease and quietness on board for 10 days, while experiencing an unforgettable active holiday under sail.

Some of the voyage crew will be disembarking here, but for you it’s time to prep for the next big adventure: Biscay!

If the ship makes good time, there will be some exploring to be done on the Portuguese coast as you make your way towards Porto. Here, De Tukker will be collecting a cargo of olive oil, wine, honey and more.

Arrival in port after a Biscay crossing is a wonderful feeling. You’ve achieved something memorable! There’ll be time to celebrate ashore with the crew before loading cargo, welcoming new sailors and setting off for Noirmoutier.

The gorgeous Breton coast will come into view after a few days, and you start your approach towards the island of Noirmoutier. Salt marsh, sand dunes and evergreen oak trees, as well as a state of uninterrupted human habitation since prehistory, make this island a fascinating place to visit.

lighthouse on the shore at Noirmoutier

The island’s humid marshes were transformed into salt pans as far back as the 5th century by Benedictine monks, with the traditional methods of harvesting passed down through the generations. With just wind, sun and sea, water evaporates to leave a fine layer of white crystals of salt. These are hand-harvested daily in the summer months by the ‘saunier’. It is then drained and air-dried for a year before the salt is packaged. Precious cargo indeed, with this load bound for the UK and the Netherlands.

This leg of the voyage hasn’t far to go, with Saint Nazaire only 20 or so nautical miles away, so you can enjoy some relaxed sailing against the stunning backdrop of the Breton coastline.

Leaving France, it’ll then be a straight run to Penzance as you cross the English Channel at its widest, most Westerly point. There’s cargo to unload and cross-load in Penzance (stocking up on Caribbean goodies to take Eastwards).

You can then enjoy over a week of sailing along England’s beautiful South Coast, with a stopover in Torquay before setting off for the Thames estuary and the bright lights of London!

Sailing Holidays in London Tower Bridge - Trinovante with Classic Sailing

Having dropped off cargo in the Capital, there’s a final leg of the journey still to enjoy: sailing back to the Netherlands across the North Sea, ready to celebrate in Scheveningen!


Weather systems can funnel up the English Channel and create potentially choppy conditions at times. Biscay is also notorious, although crossings have been known in flat calm too! This is a cargo voyage, and so use of the engine will be kept to an absolute minimum to reduce emissions. This means that there has been plenty of time allowed for the trip to allow the Skipper to make the absolute most of the weather and wind available. You may find that you spend a couple of days exploring an interesting port en route while waiting for a shift in the wind direction, but this is all part of the adventure!


Whether you are an experienced sailor or a complete beginner, the professional crew will train you to be guest crew from the moment you arrive, with the intention that everybody works together to sail the ship. The common thread to all Classic Sailing holidays is ‘Hands on’ participation on ships that use ropes, blocks and tackles and ‘people power’ to set sail. A cargo voyage adds an extra dimension to this, as you help load and unload cargo. A bit of a workout, and great fun!


We cater for a wide range of ages and physical abilities and how much you are expected to do varies a bit between vessels. See the vessel tab above which explains all about the ‘sailing style’ and what to expect in terms of hands on participation. There is a lot of information about day to day life, the ships facilities and accommodation on the vessel pages.


Every customer sailing with us will need to fill in basic medical questions on their booking application. If you are not sure if your current level of fitness and agility are up to a voyage, then please ring the Classic Sailing Office on 01326 53 1234 and we can chat through your concerns and possibly find options that might suit you better. 

Start & End Port


The exact location may not be known until closer to the time, make sure you have a note of the ship’s phone number found in your confirmation in case of any problems on the day. The map below shows the likely joining place.

Scheveningen, The Netherlands

We will be berthed in the 1st harbor of Scheveningen, most probably it will be alongside the quay of the Vissershavenweg. It is near the beach, so good to spend some time before embarkation in Scheveningen.

The ships exact location in port is often controlled by the port authorities and they will only allocate a docking position a few days before. You will be informed as soon as possible of their exact joining location.

Any changes will be communicated to you before your voyage start date. Make sure you make a note of the ship’s number found in your confirmation email in case of any problems on the day.

Kit List

What's Included

  • Sailing Instruction
  • Safety Equipment (Life jackets and harnesses)
  • All meals on board & refreshments throughout the day
  • A real adventure!

What is not included

  • Bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Towels
  • Wellie boots
  • Waterproof jackets & trousers 

What to Bring

Valid travel documents and papers
If you're a European citizen traveling within Europe, make sure to bring your European Identity card or a valid passport (check the rear side of your ID card for the list of countries where it's accepted). On the other hand, if you're a Non-European citizen or an EU citizen traveling outside of Europe, a passport that's valid for at least 6 months after your trip is necessary.

Don't forget to bring your insurance card and a copy of your policy, including liability, health, and travel insurance. If you're unsure about the required travel documents for your destination country, it's always best to check with the embassy/consulate beforehand. This may include obtaining a visa, so it's important to double-check the necessary requirements. You are required to carry the following insurances: 1. Medical insurance, for your home country. 2. Travel insurance which covers medical expenses abroad, loss of luggage and third party liability.

Please be advised that the possession of any drugs (including all prohibited items) on board is strictly prohibited.
However, we understand the importance of personal medication. Prior to embarkation, kindly inform us about any medical condition you may have by
completing the health statement. We assure you that only the responsible officer on board will be briefed on your medical needs for privacy and confidentiality.


Pillows are provided, but make sure you pack a pillowcase and a sleeping bag or bed sheets. Don't forget a towel!

Clothing and toiletries

Make sure to pack comfortable shoes with low heels and non-slippery soles to keep your feet happy during your trip. It's also recommended to bring waterproof boots or shoes, as well as sandals that stay on your feet (and don’t expose your toes if possible).

Since weather can be unpredictable, make sure to pack enough clothing for all weather circumstances. This includes a waterproof jacket and trousers (which don't need to be sailing gear: hiking clothes are usually much cheaper and are absolutely fine), as well as warm sweaters, T-shirts, and other clothing items. Don't forget to bring socks, underwear, and nightwear/pyjamas too.

If you plan on taking a dip in the water, pack your swimming gear. Additionally, it's important to bring a hat or cap, scarf, and gloves to protect yourself from the sun, wind, and cold weather. And of course, don't forget to pack your toiletries, including your toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, and any other necessary items.

When packing for your trip, don't forget to bring essential items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, spare glasses, and personal medication. If you're into photography, pack your camera, but make sure you have a waterproof bag or case for it. Remember, charging on board will be limited, so bring spare batteries if you can. If you're musically inclined, consider bringing your instrument for some impromptu jamming sessions!

A small backpack can come in handy for carrying essentials, while board games and postcards can provide entertainment and a way to keep in touch with loved ones back home. Don't forget to bring a pen and paper to jot down notes and memories, and if you want to share some of your country's sweets, bring along some special candy or cookies. It's recommended to leave valuable jewellery at home to avoid the risk of losing it while traveling.
Please limit yourself to one soft bag or rucksack as there is limited storage space on board. No hard suitcases please, as these are difficult to stow on board.

How to pack
Before you set sail, it’s important to pack wisely and consider the limited space available on board.
Instead of a bulky suitcase, opt for a foldable bag that is easier to store. Pack clothes that are comfortable and practical, but avoid bringing your favorite white t-shirts as work and life on board can get messy.

Electricity on board
De Tukker operates on a 220Volt/50 Hertz system, so it’s essential to bring standard European plugs with two circular metal pins. If you come from a country with a different voltage system, be sure to pack a wall socket adapter to charge your mobile phone and other devices.

Lost and found
To ensure your luggage doesn't get lost in transit, label it clearly with your name, destination, and mobile number on both the outside and inside of your bag. This will make it easier to identify your belongings and return them to you if they get misplaced during your journey.

It's common for individuals to experience seasickness while others remain unaffected. The degree of seasickness usually hinges on the weather conditions encountered during the first few days at sea. To mitigate the chances of seasickness, ensure you're well-rested and feeling fresh on the morning of departure. Refrain from consuming excessive alcohol the night before and make sure to have a substantial meal before setting off. Continue to eat throughout the voyage and avoid drinking coffee once the initial symptoms of seasickness set in. In the event that you are prone to seasickness, it would be prudent to talk to your pharmacist and get some travel-sickness pills as a precautionary measure. Read our article about combatting seasickness if you're at all worried.


Bag packed and ready to go sailing

Vessel Gallery

De Tukker is currently in a major refit before she starts her new life as a Sail Cargo vessel for EcoClipper. We'll add more photos as soon as we get them!

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