Sail as guest crew on the three masted schooner Blue Clipper.

Due to her previous life as a private super yacht she has an inherent elegance, space and luxury accommodation to offer all that sail aboard her.

Blue Clipper perfectly balances intrepid adult sail training voyages with superb hospitality, comfortable shared areas and spacious twin en-suite cabins.

Most importantly, the crew’s energy and commitment to sharing a passion for tall ship sailing comes across effortlessly and their enthusiasm is infectious.

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What this vessel does best

Our Expert View: What Blue Clipper Does Best

Classic Yacht with Hands On Sailing

Tall Ship Blue Clipper is a spacious and luxuriously furnished gaff rigged schooner. In the construction of the hull modern elements are mixed with traditional elements, such as a clipper bow, an elegant yacht stern and a long ballast keel. The teak deck gives an opulent feel to the ship but with the security of a tough steel deck underneath. 

Blue Clipper.
Blue Clipper by Becky Prizeman

Blue Water Passages & Winter Sun

Are you a restless soul who wants a tan but prefers to earn it travelling, or doing something adventurous? If you love ocean sailing, salt spray in your hair and tropical sun, but at the end of the day an air conditioned cabin with shower en-suite, then Blue Clipper could be the ship for you. At 105 feet long she is big to stroll the wooden decks at sunset….and she is going to all the right places for a spectacular sun-downer: The Algarve, Canaries, Cape Verde, Caribbean, Azores and two big trans Atlantic crossings.She also carries four sit on top kayaks and two inflatable stand up paddle boards onboard, perfect for getting ashore or exploring with your snorkel!

Blue Clipper in the Caribbean by Becky Prizeman
Blue Clipper in the Caribbean by Becky Prizeman

What to expect

Sailing Style

Step on board TS Blue Clipper for active sailing with an edge of luxury. Classic Sailing only work with dynamic sailing ships that offer ‘hands on sailing.’ It is part of our ethos and Blue Clipper’s that everyone on board is encouraged to help sail the ship.

If you have never sailed before, the patient and attentive crew will enjoy showing you the ropes and encourage you to get involved in handling sails, taking the helm, helping with navigation and climbing the rigging if you wish. For more experienced sailors, there is always plenty to learn as the ship is constantly being maintained to a very high standard and the enthusiastic and professional crew are eager to share their knowledge with you as guest voyage crew. 

Sextant practice on Blue Clipper. Astro navigation on a schooner mid ocean
Sextant practice on Blue Clipper. Astro navigation on a schooner mid ocean

Life on Board

Blue Clipper’s permanent crew is usually a combination of paid professionals, experienced volunteers and one trainee for those under the age of 25 years. The crew are all dedicated members and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Although Blue Clipper prides herself on hospitality and comfort, the main focus on all voyages is adult sail training where the crew will train you from the moment you step onboard in both emergency procedures, sail handling, helming, navigating, wildlife and anything else you would like to learn. 

Blue Clipper has no square sails (yet!), but she still has plenty of canvas to play with, including on the three masts, schooner, main and mizzen with topsails for each of those. There is also the option to have three head sails including the stay sails. With plenty of different sail sizes, there is a rig configuration for all conditions and there is always a reason to climb any of the masts or climb out on the bowsprit to help with dropping sails, or simply to gain a different perspective on the ship as she cuts through the water. 

For sailing on Blue Clipper, you will be required to climb, unaided a steep set of steps of over 2m to access the accommodation areas.

Blue Clipper
Blue Clipper handling sails on deck and up the rig.


On longer ocean passages, or trips that involve sailing through the night the ship will operate a watch system to keep the ship sailing 24 hours a day. There is Red, White and Blue watch. Watches are usually four hours long followed by 8 hours off. The afternoon watch is split in two to enable a complete rotation of watches every three days. 

Although not compulsory, you will get more out of the experience if you fully immerse yourself in the routine of being at sea. 

0000 – 0400 Red Watch
0400 – 0800 White Watch
0800 – 1200 Blue Watch
1200 – 1600 Red Watch
1600 – 1800 White Watch
1800 – 2000 Blue Watch
2000 – 0000 Red Watch

When on watch, it is the responsibility of the watch leader and their team to handle the safe navigation of the ship, adjust sails and keep a lookout for any hazards. You have a chance to learn all aspects of traditional sailing from our wonderful deck crew; having a chance to steer the ship, complete the log book entries, plot our course on the chart, climb the rigging, and experience amazing starry skies during a night watch at sea!


We are able to do laundry on longer passages, depending on the sea conditions. If you would like to do laundry on board please speak to the hospitality manager or stewardess on board. The fee for laundry service is £5. Please note that the ship cannot accept liability for damage to clothing caused by this service.


Accommodation & Layout

Tall Ship Blue Clipper has extensive accommodation below decks and can accommodate up to 18 guest trainees on board, with 6 twin en-suite cabins, a family/group cabin with twin bed plus 4 singles and a huge shared bathroom, there are also 4 bunks in the forepeak cabin, but these bunks are smaller and as you are right in the bow – are the least comfortable. There is also a well-equipped galley and plenty of places to sit and relax on deck. At capacity, she can sleep 28 people including a professional crew. There will usually be a minimum of 5 permanent crew onboard with you, they are all highly experienced in their relevant fields.   

There is a large comfortable saloon area with a bar area to make tea and coffee. The saloon is on deck level with windows to both sides so you can enjoy the view without going outside on those wet days! Meals are served in the saloon and the onboard chef prepares 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and a two course evening meal. Drinks are available throughout the day, with alcoholic beverages available with evenings meals on a TAB system, this can be paid for at the end of the voyage by card or cash, or bar vouchers purchased before you join the ship. 

Blue Clipper Saloon
Blue Clipper Saloon

In mid ships, there is a large area of deck between the saloon and the galley which is perfect for a spot of morning yoga, a snooze in a hammock or a great place for briefings from the Captain. The hospitality element is not to be overlooked and the food prepared by the professional cook is always to an excellent standard. 


6 of the guest cabins are twin, ensuite cabins with plenty of storage space, two spacious bunks (bunk bed style),a writing desk, bathroom with shower and toilet, air conditioning and heating, and are decorated and finished to a high standard. Each bed has a comfortable memory foam mattress, duvet and pillow. Each bunk has it’s own reading light and all cabins have a porthole for natural light. 

There is also a four person cabin with a huge ensuite bathroom to share and plenty of storage space with double aspect views to both sides of the ship. 

Each cabin has heating/air conditioning available. This is controlled for the whole ship by the chief engineer. Each cabin has an individual thermostat on the wall so you can control the temperature.

All cabins have plug sockets for charging electrical devices. These are European 2 pin sockets. We ask that you do not leave items on charge when you are not in the cabin.

Blue Clipper Accommodation
Twin Ensuite Cabins

Ship specification

Ship Specification

Hammock on Blue Clipper crossing the Atlantic 2017
Hammock on Blue Clipper crossing the Atlantic 2017

· Class: B

· Year built: 1991

· Rig: 3 masted Gaff rigged Schooner

· Length overall: 44m

Length on deck 32m

· Beam: 7.41m

· Draught: 4m

· Height: 31m

Sail Area: 675 m²

· Areas of operation: Worldwide

· Number of guests: Up to 18

· Number of permanent crew: 8-10

· Berth types: Twin Cabins, single bunks/One Double Cabin

Skippers and crew

Blue Clipper Captain Chris Rose is an experienced high latitude skipper
Captain Chris Rose with the professional crew

 Chris Rose – Captain of Blue Clipper

Interests: Outdoor adventure activities, swimming, keeping fit, high latitude sailing.

Dislikes: Instant Coffee!!

Favourite Sandwich: Chip Butty!!

Voyages on Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper

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Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper Exploring the British Virgin Islands from Tortola BC080323


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Wed 15-03-2023

Tortola, Caribbean

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Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper Exploring the British Virgin Islands from Tortola BC270223


Mon 27-02-2023

Tortola, Caribbean


Mon 06-03-2023

Tortola, Caribbean

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