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Anny of Charlestown is not sailing in 2023. We hope to be able to offer voyages on Anny again in the future.

Charlestown Harbour is the perfect home port for an authentically rigged topsail schooner like Anny and the majority of her voyages will start and finish in this 18th Century harbour on the rugged South Coast of Cornwall.

The port is deliberately kept in a time warp as it provides a world class film venue for historical films and TV productions like Poldark and the Three Musketeers. 

Other vessels in the port may be used for filming but Anny has a different role as an adventure charter vessel to show you the best of sailing in Cornwall and fly the flag for the Harbour and Cornwall at maritime festivals further afield.

Her taster voyages offer the chance for a few days away, slipping into a bye-gone era as you learn to haul on blocks and tackles, with great hospitality and a sense that this family sized tall ship is all yours for the weekend. Anny only takes upto 8 guests, so you can join her as an individual, a couple in a double cabin or as an affordable group booking for a special treat.

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Anny of Charlestown joins the classic Sailing  fleet in 2020
Anny of Charlestown joins the classic Sailing fleet in 2020

Tall Ship Tasters in Cornwall all season

With gaff and square sails Anny of Charlestown looks like a tall ship on the horizon, but as soon as you join her on board you will find she is actually quite small which brings many advantages. With only 8 guests the staff to crew ratio is brilliant for personal attention. You can learn a broad range of nautical skills on Anny in a few days that would give you confidence to step on board any ship in the Classic Sailing fleet and feel useful as crew. 

The topsail schooner is arguably one of the most versatile of all sailing rig types, being able to sail quickly close to the wind with her fore-and-aft sails like our other vessels, but also has excellent downwind performance with a square topsail and course. Her spacious decks are ideal for group activities, and her large size, sheltered cockpit and high freeboard mean guest crew feel safe at sea.

The number of tall ships available for adults to sail on in UK waters has declined recently due to economic pressures so we are thrilled to welcome Anny to the Classic Sailing Fleet. Not only does she fulfill a demand for tall ship adventures from UK ports, her round trips from Charlestown also offers a great way of exploring Cornwall under sail without contributing significantly to climate change.

two berths in the saloon opposite the big table on Anny
two berths in the saloon opposite the big table on Anny

Mix of cabin types ideal for families or individuals

The layout of Anny below decks is an ideal boat for small groups of friends or families. The forecabin would a great bolt hole away from the adults for teenagers whilst the adults socialise after supper in the saloon. The remaining accommodation would suit a couple in a separate cabin, with a fold down bed as a 3rd berth in the double bed cabin. As Anny is very much active participation vessel where we all help sail the ship, the minimum age for children coming with their parents is 12 years. 

The layout also works well for individual adults or small groups that don’t know each other yet.  For those on a budget you can become a ‘fo’castle jack’ in the bunks right up in the bow. There are 3 bunks here in this forward cabin but you have your own companionway steps to deck and the white, fluffy duvets should stop you getting too mutinous. Please note the genders may be mixed in the forepeak and in the saloon.

The saloon is the heart of the ship, so for those who want to be first to breakfast. For a little bit more than the fore cabin prices you can enjoy the two pilot berths with the whole saloon to yourselves at night. Please note the genders may be mixed.

For a special treat, there is a double bed in its own cabin. Above the big bed is a single berth that can be folded away, depending on how many sailing mates you want to fit in for the whole cabin price. If you use the upper bunk, is very economical each for 3 friends. With the bunk removed it is absolutely perfect for a romantic couple wanting a big cabin to themselves. If you are feeling really indulgent you can book the whole cabin for solo occupancy as your private retreat (the price is for the cabin – not per person)

For photos and more details see our section on Anny’s accommodation.

Anny arriving in Charlestown Harbour
Anny arriving in Charlestown Harbour

Charlestown Harbour – Be Part of the Scene

Anny is owned by Charlestown Harbour and the Harbour team have great plans for this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Under new ownership, not only has the harbour become a vibrant working port once more, it is fast becoming a venue for events and fine dining. Waterside restaurants, boat building projects and the occasional buzz of film productions gives it a daytime and evening ambience that gets everybody in the holiday mood. 

Whether Anny is anchored off the harbour and you arrive by ships boat, or you join her on alongside the cobbled wharf in the sheltered harbour, you will be centre stage and providing a show for harbour visitors. Whether you like to pose like Captain Jack Sparrow or not, it does make you feel rather heroic as you negotiate the lock gates and tight entrance to get out, or set sail. When you return at the end of your voyage you will have access to parts of the port the public don’t and there may be other ships in the dock to visit.

Where is Charlestown? – Map & Port Details