No Experience required

Where can you sail in the Spring 2023

Let Classic Sailing tell you the when, how and where you can sail in the spring . We have been doing it for 27 years so perhaps we know what we are doing.

Northern Hemisphere Spring and Southern Hemisphere Autumn

Where can you sail in APRIL



Cross the whole Atlantic Bermuda to England

Santa Maria Manuela
Ocean Passage Malaga to Madeira SM100423

Azores to Rotterdam OS120423


Grayhound GR020423

Brittany to Cornwall

Portugal and Spain

Santa Maria Manuela SM020423
Three Cities in Spain and Portugal



Many Voyages including Easter


Various voyages exploring Cornwall



Half and full day sails, weekend breaks and Easter adventures.

Holland and Germany

Eye of the Wind
Eye of the Wind Elsfleth to Hamburg and Taster voyages in the Baltic.


Santa Maria Manuela
Island Hopping & Wildlife: The Madeira Archipelago SM180423


Easter Island to Tahiti TC230423

English Channel Ferry

Meet Morgenster: 24hr Taster Voyage MR250423

MAY – Where can you sail in the Spring

Germany and Baltic


Cross Channel Ferry – More options
Low Emission Passage from Belgium to UK and back.



Half and full day sails, weekend breaks and Torbay Airshow.

Plymouth – RYA

RYA Competent Crew or RYA Day Skipper MK210523


Island Hopping in the Inner Hebrides, Not many places left.

Eastern England and Scotland all the way to Orkney

The Big East Coast Adventure TR130523

Tahiti and Hawaii

Tahiti to Hawaii TC240523

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Taster trips – classic boat skills – Isles of Scilly – Pilot Cutter Review

Visit the Isles of Scilly

Holland, France and Brittany

Rotterdam to Semaine du Golfe Festival in Brittany OS050523
Explore the coast of Brittany by sea, enjoying excursions ashore and fantastic sailing OS220523

Smugglers Run – Sail Cargo from Falmouth to Douarnenez GR070523

Irish Sea and the Isle of Man

Irish Sea Adventure and Isle of Man Day Sails

Dorset- Portland

Round trip Tall Ship Taster TNS626



Day Sails and Round Trips

How to sail this Spring

It’s  easy to sail this Spring. 

Do you need previous Sailing experience?

  • No, we show show how easy it is and you where can you sail in the Spring. The crew onboard delight in helping you get to grips with sailing.
  • You will only be asked to do something once you have been trained and a crew member will be on hand to help you.
  • There is no reason that within a few hours of joining you could not be steering the ship, helping set the sails and loads of other ‘hands on’ sailing activities.

Read our article ‘My First Voyage’

Are solo travellers welcome?

  • Yes, most sailing holidays have no single supplements.
  • Couples are very welcome too.

What are the Prices?

  • All prices include all food &  accommodation onboard.
  • Expect to pay from £175 per 24 hours onboard.
  • Voyages are from half a day  to 3 months. Most are about 3-4 days.

Is it safe to sail?

  • Yes. In 27 years of Classic Sailing we have had no major injuries or fatalities.
  • All your safety equipment is provided.
  • All the ships are commercially licensed to sail with crew like yourself.
  • All the professional crew have certificates of competence to the level required.

What to wear to keep dry and warm sailing in the spring.

  • If this is your first voyage we recommend you DO NOT buy special sailing kit.
  • To keep dry, bring with you something that keeps your head, body and legs dry, walking or hiking kit is fine.
  • Footwear,our  ships are not luxury yachts, clean wellington boots and trainers are good.
  • To keep warm bring lots of layers, if it’s cold on deck you will not be asked to stay there too long.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen, the clear air at sea let’s the power of the sun though

Pick a voyage, and get excited about sailing this spring.

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