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Tenacious Customer Reviews

Paige Murray’s Story.

Paige Murray, age 26 from Leicester, first sailed Tenacious on her eighteenth birthday. She has cerebral palsy and says Tenacious voyages have provided greater purpose and positivity in her life.

I first sailed on Tenacious eight years ago. The opportunity came up by chance – I was invited to sail with a group of friends from my local inclusive sports and participation initiative. I had no expectations and was so excited to try something new.

I loved sailing from day one, and wanted to get back on board almost immediately. I felt a sense of belonging and freedom being on board. There is great camaraderie amongst all the crew, most of whom I hadn’t met until the trip.

It’s pretty cool sleeping on a ship with nothing but essentials, great company and open air when on deck. Not forgetting the repetitive and assertive sounds of the words “Two, six heave! Two, six, heave…” – it is just such fun!

Life on board is a world away from the day to day. It’s all too easy to be consumed by expectations within society and certainly as a teenager I needed these trips to move myself forward, gain confidence, develop my self-esteem and broaden my socialising abilities.

My more recent trip in my mid-twenties was long awaited with a new purpose. This time it was about recharging.

In the six years since I last sailed, I have been occupied with my athletics adventure, competing in the sport of Wheelchair Racing at international level. My sport is very much a priority, so I use my travels to improve myself inwardly. It was training of the psychological kind that’s for sure.

An absolute favourite pastime of mine when on board is being out on the netting and climbing aloft.

What would Paige say to someone considering going on board Tenacious?

I would urge anyone to go sailing – I wouldn’t be without it now.

Sailing is an incredible adventure. The experience has added more to my life, providing greater purpose and positivity. What’s more, it’s a unique and fabulous way to travel.

Roman’s story.

Going aboard was nerve racking. Going to another country away from my life at home alone was daunting. Getting on the ship everything was new I had never been on a tall ship before. It was the best thing I have ever done. I met some amazing people and made some really good friendships with people I wouldn’t usually make friends with. The experience was amazing and one I will keep with me forever. The whole experience took me out of my comfort zone.

Back home I wasn’t happy and always had to know what was going on around me and I always had to be in company of friends or family looking back now I was very co dependant. The journey took me away from all that and gave me confidence to be part of a team with people I had to get to know. Doing the leadership at sea I was given the chance to take lead on watch several times and sail setting. I found I wasn’t good at taking lead but towards the end I improved.  Sailing with people you didn’t know before for such a long time showed me who I was I guess I found myself without sounding too cheesy! Now I’m home and I’m back into the nitty gritty I can tell I have a broader outlook on life I have goals and for once I can see a bright future ahead of me.

How did you enjoy the sailing? – A lot
What did you think of the accommodation? – Good
Was the food? – Very Good
Where the crew helpful? Very Helpful
Crew were excellent dealing with voyage crew of all abilities.


The ship is exceptionally well appointed for it’s role in enabling people of all ability levels to experience sailing. The permanent and the volunteer crew were the most capable and thoughtful people I’ve met afloat in 57+ years sailing. I won’t hesitate to recommend the Tenacious to my sailing and non-sailing friends. For me it was the experience of a lifetime.


It was a privilege to sail with such a great bunch of people. I was especially honoured to be under a bubbly encouraging, blind watch leader. Helped me realise there are lots of varying gifts we all bring. Next time I hope I’ll trust more and risk some deeper conversations.


I travelled as voyage crew on TNS617 from Gibraltar to Gran Canaria. From the moment we boarded to the day left we were made to feel welcome and fully involved in aspects of sailing the ship and supporting our fellow voyage crew members. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next trip.


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