September Holiday – My Turn for Summer

Barefoot in Quiet Anchorages in Devon & Cornwall

My Turn for Summer…Let me out on the Water in September


Has your ‘other half’ kept you confined to home for the World Cup or Wimbledon? Are you inwardly screaming “my turn for summer” 

Are you thinking it’s about time a professional cooked you a decent al fresco supper on a good looking sailing boat, rather than BBQ burger in your mates back garden?

Did you peak too early and book your main holiday in June and now feel that you need something else to look forward to. 

Need a sneaky little extra boost of salty air, lying on a wooden deck with canvas sails powering you along, sunshine and cool breezes?

Well, if you can’t go now due to work colleagues leave, family or just life…could you escape in escape in September.  It doesn’t have to be long haul to be unique.


All September Voyages on All Vessels


Harvest Festival type of lunch with local produce on on Eda Fransden
Harvest Festival type of lunch with local produce on on Eda Fransden


Eda Frandsen back in Cornwall – Sharing her favourite Places and Local Food with you

Beautiful villages line the coast of Cornwall, nestled between headlands and bays. Find a cove to anchor in for lunch off a section of uninhabited coast to watch the wildlife and enjoy the peace, or off a seaside village and head ashore to discover local life at its best. The scenic Helford River is only a few miles to the west, famous for Daphne Du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek as well as exotic gardens reaching down to the shore like Trebah or Glendurgan. Fowey is a favorite port to visit, 20 miles east of Falmouth, a beautiful passage along the coast. Fantastic sailing, fine walks along the coast path or relax with a drink at a waterside pub, all of this in 3 days.

EDA FRANDSEN     28th September to 1st October (Falmouth to Falmouth)      3 day Cornish Break for £445 – limited places

St Mawes for gaff cutters. Eda Frandsen with tan sails and and Agnes
St Mawes for gaff cutters. Eda Frandsen with tan sails and and Agnes

Fancy A UK Coastal Weekend – Away from the Crowds?

If you are half tempted by a sailing break….but the allure of a cute cottage or a hotel is sounding something more familiar to slip into for few days away in September, let us persuade you otherwise.

A land based break near the coast is nice and September is less frantic than August, but take it from a local that lives in a popular Cornish seaside village, it ain’t empty. Even after the school kids go back, the main beaches, restaurants and villages in Cornwall and Devon are still pretty popular. Being based on a wooden ship like Pilgrim you can pick and chose where you land in places like Dartmouth or Salcombe but you can also just enjoy being at anchor in your own little private world.

Might you have 4 weekdays holiday leave left for 5 days in deepest Devon on the beautifully restored 1892 Brixham Trawler Pilgrim?  Skipper Brendan and Julie the mate (in the photo below) would love to welcome you aboard.  In 5 days you might even get into Cornwall if you can resist the River Dart, the abandoned village of Hallsands, or sailing in under craggy Prawle Point to the delights of Salcombe out of school holidays. 


Come on home - nearly supper time on Pilgrim
Come on home – nearly supper time on Pilgrim. Photo Titus Rawlings


Tues 4th-Sunday 9th September 2018 (Brixham – Brixham)

5 nights for £499

Why A Holiday Base Afloat is More Memorable

So why is it better to explore the coast from the sea rather than a car, by taking a holiday on a traditional sailing ship?

  • You can swim in the sea whilst the cook makes breakfast
  • Someone might even hand you a cup of tea as you climb back on board
  • You can come on your own and not feel the odd one out
  • Be part of our maritime history – these ships are the real thing
  • Get the latest coastal gossip from the skipper
  • Your evening ‘restaurant’ has a 360 degree sea view
  • You can clean your teeth on deck in the moonlight (not compulsory)
  • Your holiday photos will be different
  • In 10 years time you will remember this weekend away*

“I still meet former customers who are back in Cornwall and recognise me as their skipper from voyages on ‘Eve’ back in the 1990’s and remember rowing back from Shipwrights Inn or some other nocturnal adventure. I bet they couldn’t name every B&B they have stayed in.” Debbie Purser


The Romance of the Sea on Irene

Now we think the 5 day voyage on Pilgrim is excellent value for money, but it you want a little bit more pampering then Irene has 2 berth cabins en suite and 5 staff to 8 guests, so you can join in the sail handling or pump some iron on the money bars to hoist the anchor…but you really don’t have to if you just need to chill.

I love being at sea with just open skies and the natural noises of wind, wave, birds and the boat. Sailing Irene you feel a connection to a long and proud history of sail powered vessels. Sharon T. 2018


28th Aug – 02 Sept (Falmouth – Falmouth)

5 nights from £825

Leader in the evening light
Autumn light on Leader – Photo by P Hampton

1 mile offshore and not a care in the world.

Last week we talked about the merits of mini ocean adventures. Sailing through the day and night on the ocean blue is not for everyone though. Classic Sailing has plenty of coastal sailing holidays where you can take your sailing fix in bite size chunks. Hop from one beautiful anchorage to another with no desperately critical itinerary.

Brixham Trawler Leader is a big girl and can go ‘long haul’ on offshore passages, but she has a 6 day voyage in September, starting and finishing in Brixham with plenty of time to go West or East, or a bit of both. As a skipper, this is a gift for pleasant voyage planning and sailing in directions for the best sailing like a beam reach, when we can all appreciate why we love sailing.

All the different ships we work with have different sailing styles but what is common to all, is an appreciation of the finer things in life. We make the best of the day and winds available and then stop somewhere special to watch the sun go down, maybe stretch our legs ashore…and then retreat back to our wooden home for an evening meal, conversation and a bedroom that gently rocks…


8th – 14th September (Brixham – Brixham)

6 nights for £695


Land wine cargoes in the Scillies on lugger Grayhound
Land wine cargoes in the Scillies on lugger Grayhound

September is For Scilly Smugglers….

You do need a dark night for smuggling, so sailing a cargo of fine French Wine from Brittany towards the Scillies and the creeks of Cornwall is no good in June. A moonless night in September would be ideal if you want to feel a bit naughty and nefarious. Grayhound is actually a replica of a Revenue Lugger so her main role in 1776 would have been to chase smugglers. Luckily her modern role is to reduce the carbon footprint of cross channel trade by carrying organic wine cargoes purely by sail. So you can still carry bottles ashore in Porth Cressa in the Scillies or slide into a Cornish creek on the zephr of a light wind in the dark of the night and indulge in your Poldark fantasies.

GRAYHOUND  Sail Cargo Voyage

17th – 24th September – 7 days for £690


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