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Maybe, Pelican, Blue Clipper, Irene and Eye of the Wind

Have you heard about double or treble booking?
Many people are hedging their bets because all holidays come with unprecedented easy cancelation clauses to cope with covid-19 issues.
Unfortunately for our ships this means there is a steady stream of people opting out of voyages. The advantage for you is that to fill the gap we are offering some amazing savings.

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26/01 History

Maybe a history

Maybe a  History 1929 Maybe has a famous history, built in wood with steel frames in 1929 and owned by Jan Jacob Van Rietschoten,

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24/01 Inspiration

Sailing & Yoga – Coastal Retreats to Boaty Fitness Camps

The sailing holiday ethos on pilot cutter Tallulah is very much a celebration of healthy coastal living. Sailing ships with blocks and tackles are

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Grayhound Refit and maintenance winter 2022

The Captain writes Grayhound Ongoing Work Grayhound is continuously being serviced and maintained. Despite being a brand new wooden ship there are still plenty

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