Sail to France and back from the same UK port

Yes you can, well may be you can!

BUT there is nothing to lose.

We have three ships sailing to Brittany this summer aiming for the Paimpol Shanty and Music Festival. It’s much more than just shanties.

Understanding that entry to France cannot be guaranteed we are organising the three ships,

Pilgrim, Mascotte, and Pegasus, to make an alternative adventure together in the English Channel that could involve the Channel Islands or the best ports of Devon and Cornwall.

Pegasus sets sail from and returns to Plymouth. Tuesday 10th to Friday 20 August £1600 10 nights

Mascotte sets sail from and returns to Charlestown in Cornwall. Sunday 8th to Wednesday 18th August £1450 10 nights

Pilgrim sets sail from and returns to Brixham in Devon, Sunday 8th to Sat 21st August £1999.00 13 nights

Cross Channel Adventure

An amazing experience for anyone interested in sailing across the channel to France for a weekend of sea shanties during the biannual Paimpol Chant du Marin music festival. There should be an option to explore the Brittany coastline or Channel islands before and after the festival. It is about 70 miles to Guernsey or 100 miles to Isle de Brehat on the French side, but there will be night sailing and watches.

Paimpol Festival

Once you are in Paimpol Festival for a few days, there is no scope for day sailing. It is an amazing festival atmosphere, and music happens everywhere. Being crew you can escape the bustle ashore by returning to your own vessel or going for a walk in the surrounding countryside. On wooden ships like Pegasus, being below decks is reasonably sound insulated if you need a rest from partying. 

The New Normal for Sailors. – Covid-19 Guidance

All our vessels have very carefully implemented Covid-19 procedures and safety precautions to ensure you and the crew are looked after properly.

You may be asked about your Covid-19 situation a few days before you join your voyage and or you may be tested before you board your vessel.

If you are unable to join the voyage there is flexibility built into the financial arrangements

Financial Security.

Classic Sailing will not work with any vessel that we believe does not look after customers’ money securely with the ability to be flexible and refund customers if Covid-19 or similar issues disrupts the voyage or your ability to safely join the voyage.

Every vessel has their own Terms and Conditions and they detail how they are able to refund you if your voyage is cancelled due to Covid-19. See Terms and Conditions.


Sailing to Paimpol in France August 2021


sculling in paimpol
Sculling in Paimpol

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