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Sail Scotland 2023

900 plus islands

Depending how you define it there are between 800 and 900 islands in Scotland. Clearly you are only going to see a fraction of this total on any one voyage.

Probably your best bet at seeing as many as possible is on Tenacious TNS632 Greenock to Lerwick from 17 to 28 July 2023, 11 nights and days for £2448.

Greenock to Lerwick – The long voyage in Scotland


Tall Ships Race 2023 – Tenacious

This amazing voyage sees you join Tenacious for Race Three of The Tall Ships Races 2023, taking you from Lerwick, Shetlands to Arendal, Norway.
Get ready for a real adventure as you sail across the North Sea, strategy will be key as you follow in the footsteps of sailors of old.

During the race, you will have the perfect opportunity to experience the awe inspiring nature of life at sea. Exciting racing conditions will offer plenty of opportunity for you to put your skills to the test and learn something new.
You can be over 25!

Tall Ships Race Three 2023


Four Tall Ships in Scotland


20 Voyages

Day sails to 11 day voyages

Prices from £250 to £2448

All Voyages in Scotland 2023


Wildlife – Culture – History – Remoteness

Mountains, Rich Seas and Abundant Wildlife
Scotland offers you some of the finest sailing waters in the UK and how better to explore the rarely reached remote areas of the Western Isles or the charms of the Inner Hebrides than on a traditional sailing vessel? Our skippers will be your wildlife and cultural guides, teach you to sail, and inspire you to make the most of your active holiday on board and ashore. These are fantastic voyages if you love mountains and rugged coasts and want to see Scotland through the eyes of a sailor, get close to wildlife and reach some of the most inaccessible wilderness areas in Britain by boat.

Classic Sailing has a wonderful choice of skippered and fully catered sailing holidays that sail in the Scottish waters. Our traditionally rigged boats, schooners and tall ships roam from St Kilda to Shetland, Skye to Islay. Many voyages are themed and beginners will enjoy shorter breaks exploring the islands whilst more experienced sailors may enjoy the challenging expeditions to St Kilda or the Faroes, the Fair Isle. Orkney and Shetland.

Where do you want to go in Scotland

Shetlands – Fair Isle – Orkney

Trinovante is our northern Scotland Specialist with Voyages in and around these remote island communities.

Directors Choice – Limited availability

Adam will be sailing on Trinovante from Kirkwall, aiming for the Fair Isle and on to Lerwick in the Shetlands.

I’ve always wanted to go to the Fair Isle and I’m very excited to be going on Trinovante. There’s no guarantee I will get to the Fair Isle but I know I will have a great time sailing with Su and John whatever the weather. Trinovante 15 to 22 June, Kirkwall – Fair Isle – Lerwick £1295

Adam Purser, Director Classic Sailing

St Kilda

St Kilda is a wonderful archipelago of islands and one of Scotland’s remotest treasures. It is a world heritage site 35 nautical miles west of Uist. The main island was inhabited until 1930 and clues to the St Kilda way of life still remain, carefully maintained by the National Trust for Scotland.
There is a huge gannet colony and even more puffins.

Let Provident take you to St Kilda

St Kilda is remote, you can feel the sense of isolation the past inhabitants lived with all their lives.
In midsummer it barely gets dark in June and given clear skies and a soft breeze a night time sail to St Kilda is utterly magical.

Outer Hebrides

Lewis – Harris – Parabay

Provident is our Inner and Outer Hebrides specialist in 2023.

Over a dozen voyages to the Hebrides


Inner Hebrides – Skye – Shaints – Mull – Eigg – Much – Rhum

Islands South West of Oban

Jura – Islay – Colonsay – Staffa and Fingal’s Cave

The whisky distilleries of Jura and Islay, and the abbey at Iona are also worth a visit. Wherever your voyage takes you, you can be sure to make a scene, sailing in aboard such a beautiful historic ship. If practical a trip ashore onto Staffa and into Fingal’s Cave is something you will always remember.

Provident has great voyages to this area.

Sailing on Provident in Scotland


Islands of the Lower Clyde

Ailsa Craig – Arran – Bute

Day Sailing from Greenock

Looking for a one-day Tall Ship sailing experience in Scotland? Then a Tenacious Day Sail from Greenock may be just for you. 
This is a taster of life on board a Tall Ship and is a fantastic option for those who are looking to get on board Tenacious for a day. 

Day Sail in Scotland


Caledonian Canal Voyages

You can take a gentle voyage through the Caledonian Canal, there will be opportunities to sail in the Lochs but it is never going to be rough in a Loch!

Voyage to Scotland from Iceland on Tecla

Starting from Iceland, sailing to Scotland. A proper crossing at the end of the season. Teamwork is what it takes, making sure you are well rested for your watches. You will enjoy some of the most spectacular Northern light displays as you sail on the ocean with no light pollution whatsoever.

There are 700 nautical miles, which could be done in 5 days with the right wind conditions, leaving plenty of time for exploration of the Faroes, Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides. However be prepared that if the wind isn’t favourable not all of these stop-offs will be possible, as Tecla must make up the miles to reach Ullapool.

Sail from Iceland to Scotland


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