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What was the best bit?

Sailing through “Iceberg Alley” (Fonfjord) both on Hildur and the Zodiac


The crew were fantastic and we were blessed with a good group of travellers. Judging by comments from the other ships sailing at the same time with us, we enjoyed many more experiences i.e. sailing close of icebergs and even climbing onto some. It was a simply brilliant time and something that we will never forget.

Thanks Paul D for the review from Hildur trip in September 2018

Hildur in greenland, Ittokotoormiit
Hildur in greenland, Ittokotoormiit

This really was the trip of a lifetime for me and a completely unique experience as well as being well out of my comfort zone (in a good way!). I’m pleased we chose Hildur for the voyage, it had a cosy atmosphere and with only 9 guests on board we had the chance to get to know each other pretty well. 
The Captain and crew were great and really had a sense of adventure and were keen that we should experience as much as we could. The quality of the food on board was excellent – way better than I had imagined. Thanks so much for an amazing trip.

Thanks Sally D for the review!