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23/05/19 – Svalbard Voyage

As mentioned on the phone, I can’t sing the praises of our lead guide Sarah highly enough. She was professional, approachable, knowledgeable and kind. Just how a guide should be – we would love to sail with her again.  R Ripley

23/05/2019 – Svalbard on Antigua

What was the best bit?

Seeing polar bears and beluga whales, followed by putting up every sail on the ship

23/05/2019 – Svalbard 

What did you think of the accommodation onboard? Excellent

Did you have enough personal attention? Excellent

Did you think of the Captain/Skipper and the paid crew? Excellent

What did you think of the food quality? Excellent

Any other comments? Fantastic trip, the crew and guides were really great.


Our Svalbard trip – Whole Ship Booking

We had the most amazing time! It far exceeded our expectations in every way. We saw 4 polar bears, Arctic fox, reindeer, minke and beluga whales, geese and Harbour seals amongst other things. Our captain Jo was outstanding, adventurous, flexible and personable, he took us to places no other skippers would consider.  Antigua is perfect for these climes, accommodating, comfortable, warm, steady, quiet and beautiful under sail (we got into the Zodiak to motor around her and take pics, quite something when she was doing about 4-5 knots!). We cannot praise highly enough the whole crew, from Sacha and his galley team who cooked amazing meals, to our guide Michelle who, along with Jele and Alex, showed us so much and shared their incredible knowledge, and Daniel and Ute who got us safely on and off the boat to go ashore every day, twice a day, and instructed us under sail.  They were all fabulous.

It is a real trip of a lifetime and the 10 friends we brought with us said that none of them would ever have considered visiting that part of the world if we hadn’t suggested they come with us. For all of us it has been the most memorable trip imaginable.” Anna PF

5/07/2018 – Svalbard Voyages

We are back in Longyearbyen! After a two week trip with a lot of artists and such amazing guides, here’s our review…….first day blue whales and polar bears. A mother with two cubs on a piece of floating ice….what a magic moment. We took our jumpers off and sun bathed, it was so sunny! We SAILED all the way up to Rossøya and back – the most northern point of Spitsbergen. Even more polar bears later, such a lot of wildlife! It was tough work for the all of us to keep her sailing. Night watches, landings, hikes, and I heard so often…… can we explain all of this back home?

antigue customer comments
antigua customer comments

Ships Log in Spitsbergen – Summer 2019

After a few weeks Antigua will arrive tomorrow in Longyearbyen again! 4 weeks, nearly 3000 miles, 50 spotted bears, lot of walruses and whales so many beautiful impressions! Sailed full rigged around the South cape and made 10.5 knots. So many happy people. Rossøya and Kvitøya we made. Followed the old Conquerer tracks. So much Trapper History. Thnx all you great people for joining us. Rolf Stange and Kristina ( Danke Danke Danke! Alex thnx! Many thanks to the Antigua Crew! Nothing without you. Captain Mario will leave on Monday. And be back in October. Kevin will take over and will sail many more great Antigua trips!


Longyearbyren Guest Recommendations

Longyearbyen hotel: I booked our party into Basecamp Explorer for the night before we boarded. It was really excellent and we’d highly recommend it along with the next door restaurant Kroa which was also excellent.”

Svalbard Season Summer 2019

What was the best bit?

Seeing polar bears and beluga whales, followed by putting every sail on the ship up. – Jeremy W. 

tall ship Antigua under full sail
tall ship Antigua under full sail