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Accommodation Below

There is one room reserved for girls only (the Bat Cave) and one for guys (the Bro Cave), however the largest sleeping compartment is co-ed. It is not possible to reserve a specific bunk – it is first come, first served. We will always do all that we can to accommodate people who are unwilling to be in a co-ed room, however once the single sex cabins rooms are full, they are full.  Each bunk has a privacy curtain which you can pull shut any time you like.

Picton Castle - Below decks layout
Picton Castle – Below decks layout
Below decks index
1    Galley 7    Wheel 13   Chain locker 19   Engine Room
2    Bridge 8    Capstan 14   Main Saloon 20   Mess Room
3    Quarterdeck 9    Windlass 15   Cargo Hold 21   Scullery
4    Chartroom & Office 10  Fo’castle Head 16   Cargo hatch 22    Bat Cave (females cabin)
5    Superstructure 11  Fo’castle 17   Main deck 23    deck level WC
6    Binnacle 12  Forepeak 18   Captain’s cabin  



Picton Castle has a ships cat called Fiji.
Picton Castle has a ships cat called Fiji.

 Fiji – Ships Cat

Fiji has been on board since…well Fiji.  She was a tiny kitten when she first signed on before the mast, so she probably has better sea legs than you…but perhaps no the same work ethic.

Christmas below decks on Picton Castle
Christmas below decks on Picton Castle

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