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Phoenix: Star of the Silver Screen

Meet the Ship

Phoenix is one of the most recognisable Brigs in the world as a result of her star-studded film and TV career. In recent years she has taken the starring role in ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, as well as appearances in Poldark, Taboo and Frontier to name but a few.

Phoenix still works in the film industry, but is now also offering the opportunity to sail aboard yourself, enjoying as close to an authentic 18th Century sailing experience as possible.

What’s so Special About Phoenix?

While Phoenix carries modern navigation and safety equipment, as required by her MCA coding, the crew primarily operate the ship using traditional navigation techniques and actively encourage guests to join in! Get to grips with a sextant, paper chart plotting, correct use of compass bearings and meteorology.

Manoeuvres are performed under sail at every opportunity, and the crew still utilise the bosun’s whistle, a sound rarely heard on deck these days.

With her traditional square sails (which you can get up close and personal with, climbing the mast to help furl and gasket if you want to!), Phoenix is strictly a broad reach / downwind vessel, but on the right points of sail she is quick and strong.

No sailing experience is needed as full training is given, so you can learn take part in sailing with the professional crew. The guest to crew ratio is fantastic, with 5 crew to 10 guests, so there’s plenty of capacity for one-on-one training as required. With square sails on both masts as well as a suite of staysails and a gaff-rigged spanker, there’s plenty to get to grips with, and that’s before we’ve even mentioned the added fun of a sprits’l and stuns’ls!

The crew are welcoming and sociable, and you’ll soon feel like part of the team. They love to teach, sharing their love of this wonderful ship.

Also on board is an excellent cook, who you’ll often see pitching in to help on deck in between meal times. On charter you’ll enjoy a cooked breakfast each morning, with sandwiches and snacks for lunch and a hearty mariners dinner each evening. All of this as well as regular baked goodies to keep energy levels up!

Who are the Crew?

Phoenix has a young but highly experienced crew who are dedicated to sailing the ship as much and as well as possible, and getting you involved at every stage! In addition to the crew detailed below, Phoenix has some fantastic cooks who join during the season, churning out exciting food and sweet treats, and jumping in to help with sail handling while dinner’s in the oven.

Captain Joel:

Joel is a light-hearted Cornish skipper. Sailing since childhood he likes to infuse the delights of traditional seamanship with a modern naval standard. Crew welfare is very much at the heart of his operation as guests have an even better time with happy crew. He knows the ship well having worked as mate on board Phoenix since 2018, as well as a host of other traditionally rigged ships.

Mate Ffin:

Ffin is from Gweek in Cornwall and is a very capable sailor and boatbuilder. Often found smiling whilst operating the tender and is a quick up the mast as he is at splicing and fabricating. Want to brush up on your marlinspike seamanship? Ffin will be more than happy to help.

Deckhand David:

David hails from Ireland and was new to the ship in 2021. The former teacher has travelled the world and most recently worked with the tallships trust in Scotland. David is a wise and considerate member of the crew with a keen eye!

When and Where can I Sail Aboard?

Phoenix has a fantastic varied season, ranging from day sails to 10 day adventures down the coast of Brittany.

While all of her voyages are fantastic learning opportunities, Joel and the crew are also offering some great value milebuilder delivery trips, where you can really get the feel of life on board as a crew member, and become an invaluable member of the team. These are brilliant for anyone considering a career at sea, or wanting to get into the swing of watchkeeping ahead of a longer tall ship adventure.

Explore Phoenix’s Milebuilder Voyages

Phoenix is also heading to several big maritime events and festivals this year, at which she will doubtless steal the show! Paimpol, Lorient and Falmouth TallShips to name but a few. These trips are always extremely popular so we recommend booking early.

Explore Phoenix’s Festival Trips

As well as voyages in Cornwall and across the Channel to France, Phoenix has some adventures lined up in the Irish Sea, sailing from Belfast and the Isle of Man. The Irish Sea offers some unbeatable sailing, with beautiful coastlines to explore and brisk winds…

Explore Phoenix’s Irish Sea Adventures

Colourblind sailor and jumped-up cook

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