Sail Norway – the forgotten Wilderness on your Doorstep

Classic Sailing staff have travelled to New Zealand, Patagonia, Tasmania and Greenland. In those distant parts we all succumbed to that nagging thought that the granite walled fjords, breath taking wilderness and spikey mountain ridgelines looked strangely familiar. Now we can finally confess our innermost thoughts – We could have saved a lot of money…. and just gone to Norway!

This summer 2019 why not save the planet from long haul flights and explore the real, original Norway instead of a distant dream. We have an unprecedented 6 tall ships in Norwegian waters this summer.

Classic Sailing Vessels in Norway 2019
Classic Sailing Vessels in Norway 2019

Wild and Untamed Norway – Why Sail Here 

Scenically perfect images of flat calm fjords only tell part of the story. Don’t just marvel at it. Come and interact with this vast European wilderness. Being active crew on a sailing ship you help navigate the intricate coastline as centuries of Vikings, trading sailors and fishermen have done. Land by boat onto a landing stage of glacier smoothed rock, hike with your ship mates and returning to a self sufficient ship. Anchored in the soft glacial till from centuries old glaciers and meet seafaring locals as equals.


All Norway Voyages

Tall Ships Race 2019 – Norway is Hot

The Tall Ships Race is proving to be the catalyst for so many of our vessels heading for Norway next summer. There is a race leg from Denmark to Fredrikstad, followed by a cruise in company to Bergen. Classic Sailing has 6 ships you can sail on in the Tall Ships Race. Afterwards all are taking advantage of being in Norwegian Waters by staying on for the best bit of the summer with a mix of sailing expeditions ranging from Southern Norway to Lofoten Isles.  

Tall Ships Race Leg 1 – Aalborg to Fredrikstad (near Oslo)  

Most vessels have voyage dates between 5th- 13th July 2019

Maybe (from £760)     Oosterschelde – (from €890 euros)     Europa (from €890 euros)        Lord Nelson (From £1080 pounds)  


Coastal Cruise in Company – Fredrikstad to Bergen

Lord Nelson (from £1320)    Oosterschelde (from 945 euros)    Maybe (from £760)        Blue Clipper (from £900)


At the end of the Tall Ships Regatta the port of Bergen is the perfect ‘launch pad’ for some of the more ‘out there’ wilderness adventures in more unusual parts of Norway, as well as the iconic fjords. We have coastal and island hopping adventures stretching from the summer beach houses of the South to famous Western Fjords and the Arctic Circle and the Orca hunting grounds of the Lofoten Isles. 

Main deck action in a tall ships race by Valery Vasilevskyi
Main deck action in a tall ships race by Valery Vasilevskyi

Top Five Choice – Norway Tall Ship Voyages

1.    Oosterschelde for the Whole Coast of Norway

In 2019, Oosterschelde is planning to explore the whole Norwegian coast from the classic fjords between Bergen and Alesund, and then sail the more unknown wild coast all the way to the Arctic Circle. Once she arrives in Bodo she has two 10 day Arctic Circle voyages exploring the Lofoten Isles and the Westman isles as far as Tromso, and back down to the coast to Bergen.

See Oosterschelde Whole Norway Programme 2019


more remote parts of Norway for sailing holidays
more remote parts of Norway for sailing holidays

2.    Lord Nelson – Classic Fjords around Bergen

If the Norwegian Fjords is on your bucket list then Lord Nelson is providing just what you are looking for. Join her on the Bryggen Waterfront in Bergen at the end of the Tall Ships Festival and spend 13 days sailing in some of the biggest fjords. Hardanger Fjord and Sognefjord sit either side of Bergen as well as some less well known spots and windier coastal sailing along this island strewn coastline.

LN975- Lord Nelson

Norwegian Fjords Summer Cruise
Bergen – Bergen
23/07/19 – 05/08/19
13 Nights
£ 1960 per person

3.    Oosterschelde – Bergen to Arctic Circle

This is a proper summer expedition into the wild on comfortable three masted schooner Oosterschelde. Joining on the bustling Bergen waterfront at the end of the Tall Ships Festival you begin in the iconic Western Fjords. The high mountains and long fjords stretch as far as Alesund. After this you will feel much more pioneering as you start to see a part of Norway that few tourists explore. The islands and indented coastline provide limitless places to stop overnight or go ashore for a hike. This sailing voyage will include both offshore sailing, longer passages and a some shorter sailing hops. The seas could be quite rough off the coast and there are many headlands and islands to round.
Discover Wild Norway & Cross the Arctic Circle

OS230719  Oosterschelde

Bergen – Bodo
23/07/19 to 04/08/19
12 days
From €1800 euros

Classic fjords on tall ship lord Nelson
Classic fjords on tall ship lord Nelson

4.    Oosterschelde – Orca in Lofoten Isles

Think outside the box for your summer holiday. Tall Ship Oosterschelde is exploring Arctic Norway this summer, and it is a lot more affordable than our voyages in Greenland. Landscape photographers from around the world rave about the distinctive mountain spires of the Lofoten. Oosterschelde will also be exploring the less well known Vesteralen archipelago. Enjoy the beauty, tranquillity, mountain scenery, crystal clear skies and summer days that never seem to end. This voyage is great for wildlife lovers and fishing fans too. These islands extend offshore from Norway and a deep underwater trench creates rich fishing grounds for humans and whales alike. Orca live in Lofoten all year round.

OS150819 Oosterschelde

5th Aug – 15th Aug 2019
Bodo – Tromso
10 days
From €1500 euros

Orca in the Arctic circle in Norway
Orca in the Arctic circle in Norway

5. Explore the Lofoten Islands and Perhaps the Northern Lights

Senja is the second-largest island of Norway. Known locally as ‘Norway in miniature’ is is a photographers dream. It is also supposedly one of the best places to see the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis. The west coast is mountainous, with colourful fishing villages in sheltered inlets. The east coast has lakes, forests,  white sand beaches, and meandering rivers. and unexpected green plains. We will make multiple stops on this gorgeous island and go on hikes to explore the rugged nature and spot birds.

The island community has been shaped by the rich fishing life of the seas here and scattered amongst the fjord scenery you will find an array of fishing hamlets and villages that grew up alongside the fishing economy. As well as the rich fishing life, there is a range of wildlife on the island.

Senja is known as one of the best places in Norway to observe the white-tailed eagle and the herring-filled seas attract seals and porpoise at certain times of the year which can be seen on boat trips which operate around the island.

OS150819 – Oosterschelde

15th Aug – 25th Aug 2019
10 days
From €1500 euros – limited places

Northern lights in Lofoten Isles
Northern lights in Lofoten Isles

5.    Barquentine Antigua –Photography Voyage in Svalbard

If you need to see a polar bear and snow on the mountains to believe you are in the real Arctic then you need to go to another famous part of Norway next summer. Svalbard (Spitsbergen is part of the Svalbard archipelago) is 600 miles further North than North Cap. Join the barquentine Antigua in Longyearbyen for a special 8 day voyage with wildlife guides and a professional photographer on board to help you take amazing images of the wildlife, mountain landscape and low level light as the summer midnight sun starts to drop. Northern lights are a possibility.

AN1902 Antigua

10th-18th Sept 2019
Longyearbyen – Longyearbyen
8 nights
From €2700 euros

Antigua in Polar bear territory
Tall Ship Antigua in Polar bear territory

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