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NEW Summer East Greenland Expeditions 2020 on Tecla announced

North West Passage Vessel Returns to Greenland 2020

If you yearn for a more bite-sized version of Tecla’s North West Passage adventure, then we have just released three 21 day summer expeditions for 2020 on this tough 1915 herring drifter. I mention her fishing heritage because the term ‘tall ship’ does not really do justice to her history. She was fishing the North Sea, and probably Arctic grounds, during and after the First World War. Immaculately looked after by the Sluik family team, she is to help you discover your inner toughness, whilst surrounded by staggeringly beautiful mountain scenery and a fair bit of ocean.

21-day Expeditions for Wilderness Lovers

The three-week expeditions featured below are:

  • 21-day expedition – sail to East Greenland & back – 27th July – 17th Aug 2020 (Isafjordur, NW Iceland- Isafjordur) €3990 / €4620 euros per person
  • 21-day expedition – sail to East Greenland & back – 18th Aug – 7th Sept 2020 (Isafjordur, NW Iceland- Isafjordur) €3990 / €4620 euros per person
  • 22-day expedition -‘In the Wake of the Vikings’ South – 16th Sept – 7th October 2020 (Reykjavik – Ullapool) €3740 / €3960 euros

Even more bite size – she has also just released some 8 day voyages in Iceland and the Hebrides this summer.




sailing on Tecla in the Faroes. Photo by Debbie
sailing on Tecla in the Faroes. Photo by Debbie

Why is Tecla in East Greenland in 2020?

Last year Tecla produced one of the most ambitious and exciting charter programme Classic Sailing have seen in 22 years of operating. She is two thirds of her way around this epic 18 month schedule and currently in Antarctica, having transited the NW Passage, sailed the length of the Pacific from Alaska to Easter Island and rounded the Horn under sail.

Her circumnavigation route does not come full circle until June 2020, when she will be back in Ullapool (from Cape Town!). There is not really time for her to sail to the West side of Greenland and Arctic Canada, but the Tecla crew are not exactly resting on their laurels. They have managed to squeeze in a summer in Iceland, East Greenland and Scotland this summer.

Her 2021 sailing programme is being finalised right now…..



Tecla under sail in the Arctic
Tecla under sail in the Arctic

ARCTIC EXPEDITION 1 – 21 day expedition sailing from NW Iceland to East Greenland

27th July – 17th Aug 2020

(Isafjordur- Isafjordur) €3990 / €4620 euros per person

Cross the Denmark Strait until you can see the high mountains and icecap of East Greenland. Almost all your voyage in within the Arctic Circle, and the rich seas support much whales and wildlife. Navigate through the broken sea ice that drifts down the coast to get into Scorseby Sound. Explore this incredible fjord system with its icebergs, glaciers and wilderness trekking, before setting off back to Iceland. Every 2 person cabin has its own shower, hand basin and WC, good storage, daylight from skylights and radiators.



ARCTIC EXPEDITION 2 – 21 day expedition sailing from NW Iceland to East Greenland

18th Aug – 7th Sept 2020

(Isafjordur- Isafjordur) €3990 / €4620 euros per person

Another chance to sail to East Greenland from Iceland and back. 21 days with a great mix of challenging open sea sailing in the Arctic Circle and more sheltered fjord day sailing between anchorages at 70 degrees North. The voyage to Greenland could be more ice free by mid August, but there are still icebergs calved from glaciers to marvel at.


A whole month spare? You could even tag on an extra 8 day voyage to your Greenland Expedition and sail Tecla from Isafjordur back to Reykjavik for your journey home…….8-15th Sept 2020 Isafjordur – Reykjavik – 8 days €1000/ €1200 euros

8 Day West Iceland Coastal Voyage

Tecla in Greenland - summers in a high pressure zone can be clear and sunny
Tecla in Greenland – summers in a high pressure zone can be clear and sunny

EXPEDITION 3 – ‘In the Wake of the Vikings’ Southwards

16th Sept – 7th October 2020 – 22 days (Reykjavik – Ullapool) €3740 euros

We have a waiting list for the same journey from Ullapool to Reykjavik in early summer -but here is the return journey…Sail the island chain from Iceland to the Hebrides via the Westman Isles, Faroes, Shetland, possibly Fair Isle, Orkney Isles archipelago and the Outer Hebrides. Jump on it quick before the 12 places are gone. (Voyage bookings opened last week -mid Jan 2020)



Don’t Fly – Sail to Greenland

At €3990 euros for sailors under 26 (and €4620 for over 25 yrs), this is a much more environmentally friendly way of getting there than flying to Scorseby Sound. As a comparison our other East Greenland voyages on Icelandic owned Opal and Donna Wood are only 8 days long and cost £5105 plus a £995 flight due to unfavorable exchange rates and flight costs to Scorseby Sound. If you don’t have the time to sail there and back, or you are prone to seasickness then these are a good option, but personally we think the Tecla trips offer more for the true sailor.

Don’t be tempted to chose this solely on price. On Tecla you need a good level of fitness and still have to earn your East Greenland landfall by standing watches and sweating on blocks and tackles, but the sense of reward and self-sufficiency is great. Sailing NW from Iceland also offers some decent Arctic sailing before you reach the more stable high pressure zone around Greenland. Species like Narwhal, orca or polar bear are more likely to be amongst the sea ice off the coast than deep into the fjord where the sea has less salt and sealife.

The voyage on Tecla sailing to Iceland from Scotland is full, but you can even get to Iceland without flying. See Adm’s tips below on the car ferry – overland route from Denmark. Its a crazy ‘whole summer’ sort of option that we dont expect many to go for as flights to Iceland are pretty cheap, but we are just getting you to get in the habit of thinking of alternatives. 

All Tecla Voyages


Don't fly to Greenland - sail there
Don't fly to Greenland – sail there

Adam’s idea for a Crazy No Fly Summer Circuit

Mainland Europe –  – Ferry – Overland in North Iceland – Sail to Greenland – and return


There are easier ways… flying to Reykjavik with a discount airline and carbon offsetting with the Classic Sailing Forest (in partnership with treesisters charity)

but we thought this might tempt someone with time on their hands….and perhaps a motorbike or landrover…..

Leg 1 – Anywhere in Europe to Hirtshals, Denmark

Lots of ways by coach and train. Coach about £60 from London.

Leg 2 – Denmark to Iceland

Ferry to Iceland with Smyril Line Ferries from Hirtshals in Northern Denmark to Seydisfjordur in North-Eastern Iceland.

The ferry takes just over two days and options include stops in the Faroe Islands. Mid Summer prices from about €560 return with Breakfast and sharing a Couchette.

Smyril Line Ferries

Leg 3 – Overland across North Iceland. Doesn’t get more rugged

Car, bike, pony?

iceland old map
iceland old map



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