Maybe a history

Maybe a  History


Maybe has a famous history, built in wood with steel frames in 1929 and owned by Jan Jacob Van Rietschoten, father of the flying Dutchman, Cornelis ‘Conny’ Van Rietschoten, the only skipper to win the Whitbread Round the World Race twice. The Rietschoten family spent many years sailing Maybe around the world.


A major milestone in Maybe’s history is that she took part in the first ever International Tall Ships Race in 1956 that started in Torbay Devon.. Maybe can now claim she was one of the few boats that took part in that first race to still be competing in the International Tall Ship Races today.


In 1962, TS Maybe was bought by the Swiss family Hans Fehr, who were experienced sailors and enjoyed sailing in warmer climates. She sailed mainly around the Mediterranean and in the 1970s regularly crossed the Atlantic between the West Indies and the Mediterranean. IN the 1980s she also sailed through the Panama Canal and up the East coast of the USA to Canada.


Tall ship Maybe was sold to her present owners in 1989 and underwent another complete restoration returning to sailing in 2007. She returned to the International Tall Ship Races in the Baltics in 2009. In 2011, TS Maybe was restored to her original gaff rig.

The Old Ways

In the old days it was thought that sail training ships for young people could just switch from youth to adult voyages without altering what they did or how they looked after people on board.

The New Ways

For adults, Maybe still offers all the adventure and excitement they give to young people, lots of hands on sailing and as much sailing as possible.

Understanding that adults on holiday are looking for better value for money Maybe has raised the standards of catering and accommodation to a very high level.

The Best

On Maybe you get the best of both worlds, excitement and high quality food with dedicated chefs, though we call them cooks at sea.

Skipper and Mates

Maybe’s skipper and mates are not afraid to shape a great team from total novices or mixed experience crews. They will encourage you to get involved in every aspect of ship board life.

Hands on

Gaff ketch ‘Maybe’  style of sailing is very ‘hands on’ but with a lot of patient instruction so that even those that have never sailed before can join in right from day one. You will be part of the crew that sails Maybe and in no time at all you will understand how you work in a team and how the sails work. The more you do the more you will enjoy it.


All the professional crew are used to working with crew from 12 to 80 and are there because they love to share their enthusiasm for sailing with you.

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