Irene Trainee Position 2021

Irene amongst the Scottish Mountains


Aged 18 to 25
Enthusiastic about traditional sailing, and keen to learn:

  • Sail handling
  • Deck skills
  • Navigation
  • Maintenance & rigging
  • Charter hospitality

Hard working, committed, cheerful, sociable and patient.
Available for:
5th April to 14th July 2021
14th July to 1st October 2021
The full season from 5th April to 1st October.


  • Up to 6 months of intensive on-board experience, with
  • guidance and training from Irene’s professional crew
  • Full bed and board
  • The chance to experience a sailing season, log sea time and
  • develop a host of skills
  • Sailing in Cornwall, the Scilly Isles, the Irish Sea and Bristol
  • Channel
  • The chance to help prep Irene ahead of the Season, and/or
  • ‘put her to bed’ at the end

Please do not apply to Classic Sailing – follow the button.

Download Full Details and where to apply.

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