Announcing New Voyages

In Festival Style

Sailing in the Festival Spirit

Not Paimpol Festival

We can do it ourselves.

Anny and Mascotte have an awesome 10 day voyage sailing in company in the Festival Spirit.

There will be –

  1. Street Theatre
  2. Coastal hopping along the Devon and Cornish coast
  3. Live Music
  4. Sailing in Company -Mascotte and Anny of Charlestown

Which is ideal for

  1. Good for solo travellers – make new friends when doing activities together
  2. Affordable for groups – 5-8 guests
  3. Perfect detox from modern life
  4. Iideal gift for a friend or a treat for yourself
  5. NO FLY HOLIDAY – STAYCATION Round trip – green travel under sail
  6. Nearby train station (St Austell) on London Penzance main line.
anny of charlestown
Sail on Mascotte an origanal Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter


Sailing on the 8th of August 2021

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