Falmouth Classics 2021

Falmouth Classics 2021
This is happening!
You can join this wonderful sailing event.
We have three vessels to choose from

Falmouth Classics 2021

Falmouth Classics 2021
Falmouth Classics 2021

From the Falmouth Classics Organisers

Welcome to the 2021 Falmouth Classics website
We are all experiencing unprecedented times where ‘normal’ has been distorted. It is no different for the organizing team here at Falmouth Classics.

Having decided to cancel the 2020 event in February last year, a decision that became fully justified by subsequent events, we were recently faced with the prospect of also cancelling the 2021 event.
On the face of it this may seem to have little impact on Falmouth Classics, however, the international press for the G7 will be based here in Falmouth at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. This not only prevents us from using the museum as in previous years but also raised potential security considerations.

Inevitably the 2021 event will be different from recent years. We can only plan on the basis of the current restrictions, but we are assuming a relaxation of the current full lockdown to something more like those in place last summer. So, we may not be able to hold indoor gatherings for the Friday reception, the briefing and the prizegiving. We will, however, try to put alternative arrangements in place so that the experience for crews will be just as enjoyable as in previous years.

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