Cornwall in 2022

No Overcrowding at sea

No staff shortages at sea

Cornwall is a tiny county with a very long beautiful coastline surrounded by lots of sea.

No Overcrowding at sea

Cornwall has a population of just over half a million and in the summer that is doubled.

Where do these extra half a million people go? They get concentrated on the coast, you can hardly get around by car. 

On the sea sailing boats can go where they want. There are no traffic jams, no parking problems.

No staff shortages at sea

With covid and Brexit Cornwall’s tourist hot spots can’t get enough staff. The resulting poor service is frustrating and spoils your holiday. 

On the sea we follow the staffing levels required by our licences to safely take people sailing with excellent standards of catering and personal attention so that your holiday will not be spoiled.

Cornwall, the tiny county with a big open welcome at sea.

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