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Bristol channel Pilot Cutters

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Sail on Pilot Cutters with Classic Sailing

16/04 Bristol channel Pilot Cutters

An Introduction to Pilot Cutters

A Brief History of Pilot Cutters Why are there Pilot Cutters and what makes them special? In the 1800’s world trade was growing with

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Announcing the 15th Pilot Cutter Review 2021 from Classic Sailing

15/04 Announcing New Voyages

Pilot Cutter Review 2021 (Number 15) from Classic Sailing

Announcing the 15th Annual Pilot Cutter Review 2021 from Classic Sailing New for 2021 Five Days including Bank Holiday Monday in Charlestown Harbour Come

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Mascotte - come an sail an original 1904 pilot cutter

26/02 Bristol channel Pilot Cutters

New Vessel – Mascotte Original Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter

1904 Mascotte needs little introduction to pilot cutter fans. At 60ft she is the largest surviving Bristol Channel pilot cutter, and with her beautiful

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Pegasus at the Pilot Cutter Review

10/12 Bristol channel Pilot Cutters

Directory – Pilot Cutters of Europe

Pilot Cutter Directory shown below this section How to Identify Pilot Cutters Classic Sailing has created this European Pilot Cutter Directory becuase we have

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Eve of St Mawes. Classic Sailing Flagship

30/04 Bristol channel Pilot Cutters

Eve of St Mawes – Pilot Cutter

Eve of St Mawes – Pilot Cutter Eve owes her heritage to the pilot cutters of the Isles of Scilly. Rugged and versatile craft

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Current Voyages


Sete France to Castellon de la Plana Spain - OS180422


Mon 18-04-2022

Sète, France


Fri 22-04-2022

Castellón de la Plana, Spain

sail on Oosterschelde with Classic Sailing




Morgenster Cayenne to St Georges Grenada MR030123a


Tue 03-01-2023

Cayenne in French Guiana


Tue 17-01-2023

St George’s, Grenada

Your own tropical island - The Caribbean on a Tall Ship Sailing Morgenster with Classic Sailing



Was €3000.00

Eye of the Wind

Amsterdam and Frisian Islands to Elsfleth EYE22/11b


Fri 22-04-2022

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Wed 27-04-2022

Elsfleth. Germany

The Frisian island Chain