Cargoes Under Sail – The Green Transport Revolution

Eco trading under sail, where you deliver cargoes without resorting to fossil fuels, not only sharpens your sailing skills, it creates an active holiday with a feel good factor. Sailing Lugger Grayhound is Britain’s first registered vessel to provide a regular cargo runs under sail between the West Country and Brittany.

Her routes now include a regular ‘Muscadet Run’ from Loire Valley Vineyards, delivering French organic wine and champagne to small businesses in the Isles of Scilly and coastal hopping the Cornwall and Devon coast with trading goods to and from brewers, restaurants, farm shops and waterside cafes.

This fast 108ft lugger is a replica of an 18th Century privateer that was originally built to chase smugglers but now brings home the goods legitimately and with great panache. Be part of a growing ‘Green Transport Revolution’, meet inspiring people on both sides of the Channel who are making a difference in the world.

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