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A pair of walking boots might not feature in many yachting magazines, but you will often find them listed on our sailing holiday kit lists.  Classic Sailing pioneered Cornish sailing and walking breaks many years ago with Country Walking Magazine, and the chance to stride out along a section of the South West Coast Path is still possible on our Cornwall and Devon voyages.  Looking further afield we now offer a wide range of exploration or island hopping voyages where a good walk ashore is a key part of the experience.  There is nothing more natural after a long sea passage to want to go ashore and stretch your legs.

Love Trekking?  Try a floating base as your ‘Bothy’

If you enjoy trekking holidays then one of our sailing and walking voyages might be the next thing to try.  If you have never sailed then don’t worry as full training is given so you can participate in the sailing.  If you are not sure if you will enjoy the combination then maybe try a 3 day sailing and walking voyage in Cornwall or perhaps a 6 day Scotland short break.

Some of the day walks we enjoy in Cape Verde, Madiera, Greenland are as spectacular and exceptional as anything you would find in a worldwide trekking brochure.  If you don’t believe us then just look at the photos.  The majority of our big walks are led by a member of the crew or a specialist wildlife guide.

Irene amongst the Scottish Mountains

Adventure Afloat; Explore Ashore

We chose our sailing locations more for their wildlife, natural scenery and idyllic anchorages, than facilities ashore. Our skippers will awake the natural explorer in you. Be the first to go ashore and make footprints in the sand; sail silently under towering Norwegian cliffs; fend off over-friendly penguins ashore or take a zodiac ride between stranded icebergs in Antarctica. There is nothing wrong in hugging an oak tree after a gale at sea, or re-living your childhood on a Cornish beach….We are not complete wilderness purists though. We do find the pub eventually !

Forays Ashore – rowing boats, gigs and zodiacs

If your charter boat does not have a decent dinghy (or two) to explore ashore, then we think you will have an impoverished view of what sailing is all about. Our pilot cutter in Cornwall Mascotte has a rowing tender and another ships boat with an outboard. Lugger Grayhound has two 16ft gig boats and all our tall ships have large zodiac dinghies and well practiced landing techniques. We bring out the explorer in you….

Scotland, Outer Hebrides and St Kilda Voyages

The deep waters between the Western Isles are homes to Minke Whale, basking sharks and you often see seals swimming accross the firths. Sea Eagles make their home on Rum and Lunga and the Shiant Islands have puffins. Blue Clipper offers week long summer wildlife adventures amongst the Highlands and Islands.  She has worked with local mountain guides for several years so knows good places to anchor for a trip into the hinterland, or a circular walk before supper.

Lots of Voyages in Scotland

Isles of Scilly – beachcombers paradise – wander lonely as a cloud

We have several vessels that regularly visit the Isles of Scilly in summer, which offers excellent cetacean and bird watching opportunities. The walking is low level but rugged with paths through heather moorland, sand dunes, mud flats and flower fields. It is hard to get lost in the Isles of Scilly so you are free to wander the paths on islands free from traffic like St Martins, Tresco, Bryher. At low spring tide you can walk between some of the islands.

Isles of Scilly wildlife voyage dates and prices.

the isles of scilly

Guided Walks in East Greenland and Iceland – Glaciers and Icebergs

Tecla is our Icelandic and Greenland specialist.. The walking is amazing in this heavily glaciated landscape.  Dwarf trees and shrubs flower and go red and amber at the end of the brief summer and are almost too precious to walk on.  The granite and gneiss underfoot is well smoothed by the path of past glaciers so walking is straightforward and colourful, even though you are probably pioneering a walk where no other human has trod.  In Greenland the Arctic guide will carry a gun but wolves and polar bears are rare.  A chance encounter with a herd of Musk Ox might make you hide behind the guide though !  The mountains around you include vertical rock walls that look like Patagonia or spires like the Alps.  The ever present Greenland Icecap, calving glaciers and icebergs remind you that you are in a polar landscape.

Voyages in Greenland East Coast

Voyages in Greenland West Coast

Voyages in Iceland

Oceanic Islands & Mountains

We prefer an anchorage nestled below impressive cliffs or mountains or rocking gently off a deserted beach listening to the sounds of nature, rather than tied up to a pontoon amongst the rattle of wire halliards on aluminum masts. Archipelagoes, isolated volcanic outposts in the middle of oceans, or mixing with resourceful islanders from Benebecula in Scotland to Cape Verde or off Senegal in the middle of nowhere are what we look for in our longer voyages.

Mountainous coastlines also feature frequently in our chosen sailing grounds. Scotland, South Georgia, Norway, Spitsbergen, Corsica, Canaries, Madiera….and many more. A foray ashore to climb the highest viewpoint is a popular activity, but for some anchorages just gazing at the summits with a glass of wine in hand is enough after the exertions of sailing !


Walking & Sailing in Hot Places

In Cape Verde, Madeira,  the Caribbean, and the Canaries  should be back on our schedule as soon as covid-19 rules allow.

” Pack your boots…and sign on before the mast”

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