2021 Top Four Mid-Summer Wildlife Voyages

  • 1 Tecla in Iceland
  • 2 Irene in the Isles of Scilly
  • 3 Blue Clipper to St Kilda
  • 4 Oosterschelde to Orkneys, Shetlands, or Norway
sailing in iceland

Tecla North West Iceland the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Midsummer in NW Iceland – Sail the fjords with whales, walk to glaciers through flower meadows.

Enjoy 8 sublime days in midsummer, living an outdoor life in NW Iceland, with anchorages to yourself. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve can only be reached by boat and is a very special place that lures Tecla back every year. The North West Fjords in this almost uninhabited part of Iceland is remote, even by Icelandic standards. There are huge cliffs with birds breeding, abandoned meadows glowing in golden evening light, where the arctic fox cubs play and tundra flowers enjoy their short but brilliant season. There is plenty of sailing in the fjords and the Tecla crew loves to tack into narrow inlets and make the best of every breeze like dinghy sailors.

Start and end in Isafjordur and sail for 7 days.

Monday 21 to Monday 28 June 2021

From €1280 sharing in a 2 person cabin. (You need to be in a bubble of 2)

Voyage details TC210621

Isles of Scilly the causeway on st agnes
St Agnes, Ilses of Scilly

Irene to the Isles of Scilly

Enjoy the Scillies and live aboard a historic sailing ship viewing the spectacular scenery and wildlife.

With only 10 guests and 5 professional crew gaff ketch Irene offers a unique way to sail to the Scillies and enjoy a few days in the islands. A mix of going ashore and some sailing between islands in this tiny archipelago that is part of Cornwall, but so different. Sub tropical flowers, seals on the rocky reefs, sunfish, dolphins and an interesting mix of sea and land birds.

Start and end in Newlyn, Cornwall for 6 days.

Sunday 13 to Saturday 19 June 2021

From £870 sharing in a 2 person cabin. (You need to be in a bubble of 2)

Voyage Details IR130621

Sail on Tall Ship Blue Clipper aiming for St Kilda with Classic Sailing
St Kilda

Blue Clipper to St Kilda

Exploring the Outer Hebrides and aiming for St Kilda

St Kilda is amazing, seeing were a tiny population lived in such harsh and remote conditions surrounded by wildlife in all its glory is always the high point of this voyage, BUT please remember to reach and land safely on St Kilda is totally weather dependent. The Outer Hebrides are well worth a visit in their own right so as in all sailing trips you make the most of what ever weather you get.

The Outer Hebrides has some of the most beautiful islands and anchorages in the world, near the well-known Mingulay is my favourite of Parabay.

Start in Mallaig and after 12 adventurous days end in Ullapool.

Saturday 17 to Thursday 29 of July

From £2680 sharing in a 2 person cabin. (You need to be in a bubble of 2)

Voyage Details BC170721

sail on Oosterschelde with Classic Sailing

Which would be your favourite?

Oosterschelde in the North, could be Orkney, Shetlands, Faroes or Norway?

The Big Summer Sailing Adventure

At last, you can plan a big sailing holiday, one you can really get away and forget the horrendous months we have all been through.

This is a real sailors adventure!

A month sailing on Oosterschelde that could let you visit all or some of Scotland, Norway, Orkney, Shetland and maybe even the Faeroes.

In part the adventure is not knowing where you will be going, and like all sailing voyages the route very much depends on the weather and the Captains decision.

The Objective – perfect sailing for great opportunities to explore ashore.

Start in Boulogne and end in Bremerhaven a month later!

Monday 12th July to Wednesday 8th August

€4500 per person

Voyage details OS120721

Can’t make this one try the next one

Similar ambitions.

Monday 16 August from Bremerhaven and North North Sea to Husum.

Monday 16 August to Monday 13th September

€4500 per person

Voyage details OS160821


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